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  1. On 03/11/2017 at 9:51 PM, yardie said:

    Great first post.;)

    Would agree with some of that - but sure 50 is the new 40, and 70 is the new 50. It's not an age thing for me - it's quality of the music - but U2 have climbed that tree that very few do - any release is now an 'eagerly awaited release!'

    It's a good place for them to be. And, y'know what? It's not a bad place for fans of their music to be too.


    The thing for me about this band is - my life, original line up, health is with them n me thus far - that's not the norm - when's something going to give!:mellow:

    personally i agree what most of what u said  thou i would like 2 albums before they went one being an accoustic of there greatest hits with an intimate tour small venues yeah i know tickets would be like gold thou maybe 2 to 400 thousand venues small stage maybe the size of the b stage then go out with a bang full world tour everywere not just london every city with a stadium i myself think they did 360 just to soon thats the one i would love to see them retire on big bold beautiful to me that tour was the stage show peaked would take hell of allot to top it..

  2. On 01/02/2018 at 12:06 AM, Manohlive said:

    That is a very good point.  I can't think of another band where all of this is true.  It's got a be addictive to play and have all of us going nuts and singing and jumping and dancing.  Perhaps the question should be how long can we do that?  haha

    Depeche mode are close to it in there own right maybe not as media fronted thou as far as being on top and making albums depeche have a massive fan base all over Europe and America and are still going strong.

  3. has anyone registered on the american verification who is waiting on the uk dates or will there be a verified member page for uk seperate to complete the pre sale set up i donr no if i should complete it just now and my code will still be good fo the uk dates

  4. yeah it was in the main building past the food places etc etc dont no if they let u que from early thou like u can if its outside the venue last one i was at i never arrived untill about when the doors had just opened probably best to contact the o2 and ask but the que was indoors from around 6pm.

  5. u can get guaranteed tickets for glasgow right now on ticketmaster u can take the 2 tickets presale plus a subscription just get ur mate to do it diffrent card and diffrent billing address nothing wrong in that just meand ur still one ticket short.

  6. get me in in the uk is part of ticketmaster which had tickets on it at 10 am this morning and always have tickets for good shows that will sell out instantly same tickets for glasgow not even the best of seats 600 plus pounds i belive ticketmaster give these companys tickets not the actual fans selling them to many tickets for sale maybe one or 2 fans will sell but not hundreds after the 1st minute of presale also the cant buy standing in general sale a bit rubbish i have camped outside the venue the nite before tickets have went on sale all nite to get standing tickets since zoo tv now this time it will be for seating probably in the worst seats in the house theres probably hundreds of u like me bit of a dissapointment this time round online sales will be on melt down on monday morning were as sitting outside the venue from the nite before has basically guaranteed a standing ticket for the past 20 years all feels a bit of a let down.

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