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  1. Remember Bono ate crap on his bike before the tour. I am sure that hampered their plans a bit.
  2. Suppose somebody accidentally already did this? Suppose a person tried to get four GA tickets but was unsuccessful so bought two tickets initially (not sure if their friends wanted to spend more money on seats) and then used the code once they talked to them but had them use their credit card so entry would be easier? Asking for a friend.
  3. That happened to me as well. For the price they are not too bad but certainly not what I wanted. I felt like I was watching a crowd watch an awesome show rather than watching / participating in the experience myself. I can't understand why they would be deceptive about it.
  4. They seemed fine to me, but of course they are getting older everyday. Because of the lengthy time between tours they sort of age in dog years. Considering everything though I thought they looked fantastic and have lots of years left.
  5. I'm not convinced that there was any inability to prepare as they hired the venue in Canada for a month for that very purpose. A month seems like a pretty short time to me. If they were to do the alternating set list it would essentially be preparing for two shows. Their set is fairly long to begin with so that would require a lot of prep time. If you also factor in time for Bono to get physically healthy and that he can only sing for so long each practice there really wasn't time to put together more than they did.
  6. I would guess that the songs in the set list have a lot to do with their inability to prepare / rehearse for the tour. For the most part it seems they are doing songs they know very well and / or are less complicated to play live. Where the streets have no name and Sunday bloody Sunday are two songs I think should be in every show.
  7. I don't think you will be behind the stage but there are risers on the sides and back of the stage. Being you are that low there may be some sight line issues if your seats are close to floor level.
  8. There are several issues with how the tour was presented i.e. stage design / seating, alternating shows, types of songs played and length of set. I am going tonight and am looking forward to it yet my enthusiasm is mixed with a little disappointment by being mislead by the band.
  9. I am really bummed out and disappointed in the stage setup. I tried for GA in the Vancouver presale but could only get seats. They looked good when I got them according to the seating chart but like many others over time I became concerned they were behind the stage, and sure enough they are. Had I any inclination prior I would have bought seats that faced the stage. I am sure it will be a decent experience but not what I wanted or would have chosen if I would have known. What's the deal with the lack of info? They may think it's neat to have it be a surprise but it shouldn't come at the expense of some of the fans.
  10. It looks to me like the main stage is a big rectangle in the middle. I would suspect that the entire stage will be utilized the whole time with a lot of movement from the band members. It appears for sure there are no seats behind the stage. Even though the stage isn't round it is going to be an in the round type of show. At least that's how I see it.
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