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  1. anyone else just stop and think...I love U2

    1. Manohlive


      Every single day.

    2. Manohlive


      May I please have your car? 

  2. I like listening to early demos of tracks (Kindergarten Achtung Baby) and even sound checks because I love the raw form. So demo albums would be a great win for me. I think u2.com subscribers or people thinking of subscribing aren't exactly your casual fan (especially in quiet non touring years) so risks can be taken! If Bonos voice doesn't sound great or The Edge's guitar is off, we won't care, we'll love it! Another good gift idea, which other people have alluded to would be a high quality picture book (like that really expensive product design book Apple released a few years ago), with images from past tours, big moments, propaganda covers, etc... Main thing for me with the gift is I want exclusives! Berlin (well half of Berlin) was on TV, I loved it but boy that was a cop out. Away from the gift, with content on the site, I don't think there's much to entice new subscribers or keep subscribers happy - especially when there is no tour, its very quiet. The suggestion of full live song footage is great, the odd minute snippets are okay for free view site users but give subscribers the full ones! I just think with a band that's been around for as long as U2, there's not enough valuable content! The watch-alongs were okay but they were just streams of DVD releases, which I'm sure most of us already have or have at least seen, give us new stuff! P.S. I'm actually not too picky with the gift, just no remixes, please, I beg. Also last years gift - a DVD...in 2020...still upset it wasn't a 4K blu-ray let alone a standard blu-ray!
  3. A late HNY everyone - let us hope 2021 is better! Blasted NYD live from the Europa EP all day yesterday, amazing.

    New Year resolution - be more active on Zootopia!

    1. andryu2


      Happy New Year you too!

  4. Confused with the renewal choices - standard and premium..The way they are named makes me feel like I could miss out on something! Am I right in saying the 'Premium' option just includes the 2020 gift if you haven't already got it? And I won't be missing out by not selecting 'Premium'? It's worded like it's a different subscriber access level! I've been subbed since 2014 so have all gifts apart from them R&H Dance Remixes (not lost sleep about not having them, though)! *Edit - Just wanted to add, happy with this gift - would love an ATYCLB Irving Plaza 2000 CD at some point though!
  5. Let's take a moment to appreciate U2's YouTube relaunch...been incredible so far, love the 4K Walk On video! 🤩

  6. Rather underwhelmed at the offering as I have a big catalogue of U2 and have everything aside from the 4 new remixes (dance remixes are not for me) and the audio version of the Boston show (I've really wanted a CD version of this so that's great at least). Don't get me wrong the boxset looks incredible and will be very appealing to people who don't have the 'Unreleased & Rare' album but I am slightly disappointed. I think I expected too much, its one of my favourite U2 eras and I was hoping for a raw demo version of the album at the very least, like Kindergarten Achtung Baby. Oh well, opportunity missed...
  7. Will feel very wrong watching a DVD in 2020 - if this is the only release of it, i'm not as fussed but if it does get released to the general public, my sub gift is worthless because I will end up buying blu-ray...haven't watched a standard DVD for over 5 years, only DVDs I watch are U2 gigs...
  8. Decent gift, however DVD format? Not even in HD, that’s a joke. Also if it gets released commercially, which it probably will, this years subscription has no value whatsoever and £40 is daylight robbery and I am a fool for resubscribing. edit: and you can’t use the argument that not everyone has a blu Ray player - I don’t have a record player yet we’ve had vinyl gifts about 3 times out of the last 5!
  9. Any news on these - need to renew in 30 days!
  10. Same issue here, i'm due for renewal next month. I don't want the same gifts that I already have but also don't want my subscription to lapse! Squeaky bum time.
  11. Looking forward to seeing U2Baby next weekend in Islington. Getting ready for October where I will be seeing the real thing in Manchester, London and Belfast.

  12. Looking forward to seeing U2 again July 8th & 9th!

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