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  1. Let's take a moment to appreciate U2's YouTube relaunch...been incredible so far, love the 4K Walk On video! 🤩

  2. Rather underwhelmed at the offering as I have a big catalogue of U2 and have everything aside from the 4 new remixes (dance remixes are not for me) and the audio version of the Boston show (I've really wanted a CD version of this so that's great at least). Don't get me wrong the boxset looks incredible and will be very appealing to people who don't have the 'Unreleased & Rare' album but I am slightly disappointed. I think I expected too much, its one of my favourite U2 eras and I was hoping for a raw demo version of the album at the very least, like Kindergarten Achtung Baby. Oh well,
  3. Looking forward to seeing U2Baby next weekend in Islington. Getting ready for October where I will be seeing the real thing in Manchester, London and Belfast.

  4. Looking forward to seeing U2 again July 8th & 9th!

  5. Anybody know where to get good U2 artwork that is inexpensive to put on a wall? :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alma1


      P.S. Ending of last sentence above that got cut off just said "but personally I'd start here."

    3. Alma1


      P.P.S. I just realized $75-100 might be inexpensive to u depending on your income - it's not to me so I didn't mention the U2.com shop but there's lithos there. Or maybe buy a $25-40 tee & frame it? I'm crazy about the Dublin-map tee & it's just $25.

    4. joshthetree


      You can buy the dublin map cheaper on a well known auction site

  6. after a lot of thought, i have come to the conclusion that 'Elevation Tour' is now my favorite. Love, love 'ZOOTV' but Walk On closing the shows? Amazing.

  7. Anyone else still watching the paris show that was broadcast on the ol' TV

    1. inter1
    2. Malahide


      I don't find it on YouTube anymore.

    3. joshthetree


      me ... love it

  8. Sad to see the tour come to an end...for now

    1. joshthetree


      Do you reckon theyll be more shows 2016?

  9. Best night of my life last night

  10. London O2 October 30th..who's there?

  11. how much do the GA tickets at London O2 cost?

    1. mikepd


      I think around £55 so very reasonable - it's the best seat prices/VIP packages that are outrageous in price terms

    2. adamtaglietti


      sounds good, hopefully there is some left tomorrow

  12. patience is a virtue

  13. has anyone else not recieved the newsletter because I have not..

    1. pain_18_


      I received the newsletter but no presale.

    2. adamtaglietti


      I haven't even received the newsletter :(

    3. chris1043


      no presale email for me either

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