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  1. Guara5257

    Which hotel?

    Also, Embassy Suites on State (and there's another one to the east of North Michigan Ave.--maybe on Huron St.??) is/are both just fine. Good area, close to things. I've stayed at both. Free breakfast, but expect a cattle call/mass of people for that free breakfast.
  2. Guara5257

    Which hotel?

    Take a cab from your hotel to the concert. The moment you leave the United Center, you will see huge accordian buses that will cost you maybe $2 that will take you downtown or to North Michigan Avenue. From there you can take a cab more easily if you need to. I did this after a Linkin Park concert, I was with my then 12 year old son, and it was easy and safe. I booked Homewood Suites by Hilton on Huron Street off the Magnificent Mile. I suggest you get on Expedia or a similar site and book now if you can, but try to get a reservation you can cancel in case you find a better rate. I went on Expedia the morning of the first presale and things were selling out AND what was left was climbing in price by the second. The hotels are as bad as Ticketmaster. Might be easier for the third and fourth shows.
  3. Try the app, you'll have much better luck than if you are on the website, and keep trying!
  4. Everyone, don't bother with your laptop and the website--PLEASE use the app and keep trying! After an initial UGH wait, I got and released about 5 sets of tickets on my phone and ipad before I got what I wanted, lower deck single seat. Fifteen minutes later, my laptop is still spinning and finally after about 40 minutes gave me a nosebleed seat. So, if they add more shows or you're still trying, KEEP TRYING on your phone or ipad and throw away your laptop pronto!
  5. Chicago will be my third U2 concert and my first GA. I'm 5'4" and the friend I am going with is shorter than me. After reading some posts, I'm wondering if we will see anything!?? Also, we will not be in a position to stand in line from 5 a.m. on, and instead, probably won't be able to join the GA line till about 5 p.m. So, what would you guess our experience would be like, and do you have any tips? Hopefully tomorrow morning, I will snag a seat for the second show.
  6. Thanks for posting, what's your guess on the price for the two sections you either side of the party package section--the two sections that have a few single seats...I'm doing GA on the 24th with a friend and alone on the 25th (I hope), so maybe if I'm lucky, some of those single seats will be available.
  7. In the innocence group and by 11:03 am tickets were in the cart and paid for for Chicago night 1. I feel bad for all the issues yesterday but am hoping today was better, my twitter feed today was showing folks were generally successful though some had to wait longer I did.
  8. And definitely go with the TM app. I didn't even bother trying on my laptop after reading yesterday's posts.
  9. Two GA for Chicago. Accomplished in about 6 minutes from start to finish. Thanks mods for rattling the cages yesterday, but I feel for you folks who went through all that frustration yesterday.
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