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  1. Thanks for inquiring...however they've all been sold. Good luck. Hope you find something.
  2. Anyone have any extra GA tix for LA May 20th!. My sister would like to join us. I will be in GA line already but need 1 more for my sister please!!!!
  3. Hi, I need 1 ticket for GA in Los Angeles for May 20th. My sister is hoping to join us. We will be in GA line all day Saturday and can enter with you! Hopefully making it easy for cc orders. Pleeeeeaaaasseeeeeee!
  4. I have 3 extra GA tix for Sun May 21 and want at least 2 GA for Saturday May 20th. I will be there both nights anyways so can let you in with our group. I can possibly sell the extra ticket
  5. GA for LA? How? did TM release more tix?
  6. Thanks BobSaget. I managed to get 2 tickets to almost purchase but the website wouldn't process both times so ended up with nothing. Still need 1 ticket for Sat night. Anyone have an extra????
  7. Andrew I will take your extra ticket
  8. Im looking for 1 tickets for Sat night if you end up with extra. [MOD EDIT: Please, no emails. use PMs instead. Thanks] Thx
  9. presale starting time have been always venue time zone Thanks. We will try tonight to get some tix for the sale tomorrow!!!!!
  10. We received an email just late last night with the announcement and code. It stated tickets would go on sale 12n local time. Assumed PST. No where on Ticketmaster is a presale happening at the moment. Was it local Ireland time? Did anybody manage to get tickets? Not the only one...staring at the sun...
  11. NEED 2 or 4 tickets to June 3rd show at LA Forum!! Desperate for general admission or Red zone! But will take seats too! I'm a HUGE FAN!!! please use PM feature, no phone numbers or emails, thx - mods Thanks
  12. We got in line yesterday with GA tix about 3p and got wristband #366. Let us into arena about 6:30pish. Rail was mostly gone already...maybe from red zoners and vips perhaps? Anyhow we got one of the last open spots middle of catwalk on south side. South side has a camera track on the inside that leaves you a bit further out of arms reach from the stage. We got plenty of play from the band members although they seemed to favor the north side and anybody they pulled up on stage or shook hands with it was from the north.
  13. I was midway on the south side catwalk at the rails. Great spot. They were in front of me or near me a lot of the show. Of course near the red zone is good. We arrived at 3p got #366 wristband and got one of the last spots on the rail and didn't leave the spot really. Seeing them that close so outweighs seeing the screen. I'm going again Sat & Sun different seats. I'm thinking of going tonight as tonight's show is supposed to be a different experience from last night. Plus with the passing of Tour Manager Dennis Sheehan I think it'll be a more emotional night. Any extr
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