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    down the surface of things
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    Music... U2... Guitar... Writing... Literature... W.B. Yeats... English... Ireland... You can ask me if you want to know more
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    Achtung Baby
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    Joshua Tree Tour 2017, Hard Rock Stadium, 11.06.17
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    Joshua Tree Tour 2017, Hard Rock Stadium, 11.06.17
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    The only one... xD
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    Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, The Ramones, The Script... and more! But U2 is my only favourite one...

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  1. hey there, not been on Instagram recently long enough but I saw your message :)

    1. pain_18_


      Thanks, I'm glad you're here or anywhere !

  2. Oh haha, I found you :):):u2-1383::Zoo_Cosmo:

    1. lharper1994


      Believe it or not, I had noticed your profile tons of times (the flower i love), but didn't know it was you hahaha

  3. Hi there, I just was going to send a PM to a friend and I get a message saying I cant watch people´s profiles. Do you if there has been any change? I am not a paid subs... thanks in advance
  4. Hey Rhi, do you know why I cant watch other people´s profiles? I just cant PM you or anyone else...
  5. The thing is, I dont have access to Twitter or YouTube, so Can I upload the video to Facebook?
  6. do you know if i can upload mine to facebook?
  7. okay, i have a question... can i upload a video too, i am from cuba
  8. am i the only one who gets goosebumps when sees that people remember U2 in these kind of competition and they do it so GREAT! I mean, I almost cried when I watched this video. Oh man! Makes me want to grab my guitar and climb to the roof and sing my heart out.... this is beautiful THANKS RHI! Made my Day!
  9. cool,,,, look what´s on The Voice UK when I miss it!! I gotta get the episode right away!
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