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  1. so I dont have to renew my free account. That is good. I will keep it until I change it to a paid one. Thank you guys!
  2. How long can I have this free account before I have to revalidate it?
  3. I guess the chat and other stuff are only for paid subscribers... thanks for the feedback Rhi
  4. no problem at all Rhi I will think about the paid subscription, I am trying this stuff out first to see how it goes
  5. The Miracle, I have been waking up with it for two weeks... very weird
  6. mine is left facing... i think... i have to look that up though
  7. poor people... the ones who listen to Beyonce
  8. oops sorry... im new here, how is the game again? ohhh, got it
  9. oops sorry... im new here, how is the game again?
  10. Hey guys, I am new around here, I was wondering how can I add a signature to my messages. Thanks in advance.
  11. 1. Achtung Baby 2. SOI 3. TJT/War Done lol
  12. it´s not how weak but what will make you strong
  13. all the albums are great but for me: 1. Achtung Baby 2. The Joshua Tree 3. SOI/War
  14. I love Radiohead ... great signature BTW lol
  15. hey guys, I am a newbie, I am from Cuba and I am 21, and I have loved U2 since I was 11 years old, although the first time I heard a song by them was when I was 7, it was I Still Haven´t Found What I´m Looking For... and it was amazing , I don´t have any U2 friend outside Facebook because all my friends hate the band and Bono, I hope I find friends here
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