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  1. eh! I didnt hear about that... lol I would have made something.... heheh
  2. 19 520 Me too.... I am listening to kidergarden Acrobat... it is AMAZING guys!! and you know what I mean
  3. LOL! I have heard little about Films of Innocence. Is this something the band made themselves?
  4. He was only seven, but he ate something he shouldnt :´(
  5. Where can I found the video you made the thrid gif from MysteriousWaysBellyDancer??
  6. 19515 My dog Ringo died yesterday. It is so sad!
  7. Who knows! Maybe they release another album called Songs of Anarchy LOL
  8. Indeed! I listened to Boy, October and War yesterday all day long! It was uplifting....
  9. oh, ok. We dont have collective brains. If it was for me I´d prefer they release the whole album as singles... 13 videos (including CB and LH)
  10. Oh God no! Keep the faith! he has had accidents before and they returned stronger than before.... let´s wait to see what happens
  11. same for me! I have been listening to CB a LOT. it would make a great video if they decide to realease it as a single...
  12. Wow, so technically--you've listened to this album twice as much as I have! I've got some catching up to do yes, you have! I have been listening to it every day since it came out. it is so effing perfect!!
  13. it could be! that´s a poem by William Blake... and Songs of Innocence and Experience is also a book by him.
  14. Hello, hello! Donde estas?
  15. 18972 -------- im so happy i am here!
  16. 18970 arg!--- forgot the number. bless you U2ers!!
  17. right... wasnt paying attention.. think i mixed the numbers... let me check out again .... nope, is 4th with 75 and iris 76... what´s wrong with me??
  18. november, december, remember... we are just starting again... please
  19. that is one of the best somgs in the album.. IMHO
  20. when i plug in my u2 ipod special edition says 1- Cedarwood Road --- 83 listens 2- The Troubles ----- 80 3- Iris ---- 76 4- Every Breaking Wave ------ 75 LOL ---just 1 less listen 5- Raised by Wolves -------- 68
  21. no, i odnt have permission... im a free member :´(
  22. mwaaaa, I only have a Boy album TShirt....
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