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  1. 18951 hello there! I found this in Facebook, I dont know if it´s right to place it here, but I wanted you to give it a look. If it is not okay I will delete it ASAP. I thought it was funny.
  2. yes, i go to the main page and I get disconnected from there but not from Zootopia
  3. No, I am a free member and I do not have access to paid section... and yes Rhi, it makes me feel a little bit better, so I can have some friends here ... although I would like to hang around in certain thread about Bono..... you know what i mean Rhi
  4. i wish... i can only sign out from the main page u2.com, not zootopia...
  5. hehe it was a joke , I cant decide between Claifornia and Cedarwood Road... Maybe Song for Someone
  6. i told you, it is difficult LOL
  7. i thought i did it but i did not, apparently I can log out from U2.com but not from zootopia...
  8. i cant choose a song frm it. :´(
  9. darn!! too small the Miracle gif.. ill make it again
  10. love that one...Larry mmm what a smile lol, i laughed a lot with those feet!!! "If I had a head like yours, I´d bloody bury it"
  11. I am planning to record a video covering one U2 song, but I cant decide. help me out lion!
  12. i think LOL, i have to log out from u2.com main page...
  13. i think I did it, but I have to log out from the u2.com main page... i have to check that later .lol my boss is here lol
  14. i turned off the pc after erasing the history and nothing
  15. i will, wait for me... to see if this works...
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