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  1. not at all, in my office everyone hates Bono lol....
  2. yes, i have GC, IE and F but only F has the config done..
  3. if it was my pc i wouldnt mind bein all day long at the zoo... but now im trapped and im going to get caught! XD
  4. lol, the problem is that this is my boss´ PC and he will return soon....
  5. if I open it with google chrome and I log out, will it log out from firefox too?
  6. darn it. this is not my own PC, it is my boss´ pc... OMG, I think Im in trouble
  7. Hello, I am a newbie here so I dont know much about how this works. Is there always been a forum with 24/7 chat for the paid subscriber, or at some point free subscribers had the same possibilitie?
  8. I already did that and it doesnt show any sign out link :´( im trapped at the zoo
  9. does anyone know how to log out? this site changed and I swear to God I cant fid the log out button
  10. for some odd reason, I cant find the log out button.
  11. Nice!! Lion!!! I was typing the same lyrics... connection lol
  12. Oh,yes. Maybe it is about that. But I was thinking, that before they all knew what stardom meant, they stopped being innocent , I mean, you know, rock n roll, etc. They got married (some of them), they had kids, ZooTV (what a madness)... until No Line on the Horizon.
  13. never knew love until you crossed the line of grace
  14. You break and enter my imagination, whatever´s in there is yours to take
  15. I think it will be about love and faith and sex and fear, and all the things that keep us here
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