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  1. Hey everyone! Well, this summer I was supposed to have a friend tagging along to the 7/15 Boston show. Unfortunately, after I'd already dished out the money she said she couldn't afford it. So now I'm looking for a seat buddy who would like to hang out with a lifelong U2 fan in awesome seats. My extra ticket is in the 2nd Level (1st level above GA/Floor) in the 9th row. They're on the end and I managed to snag them with a VIP swag package. I'm asking face value for the ticket ($240) and its really a great deal! The view should be fantastic, I will be revved up the whole time so you won't have some ditz chillin' in her seat the whole time, and you get some free surprise U2 swag. I'm pumped and would just like to share the experience with another true U2 fan. My husband has no musical taste so he doesn't want to come (and yes I'm wondering why we're still married ). So if you're interested just respond on here or email me: gmringle4.8@hotmail.com I've already received both tickets from Ticketmaster (hard copies for souvenirs) and can take a picture of the ticket if necessary.
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