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  1. The Facebook event link isn’t working. It’s saying event not available! OOPs nevermind. Was able access from my laptop instead. I have to get a SIM card for my phone upon landing so not sure what my communication ability will be but if I can get on wifi somewhere please post updates in the Facebook group I think that will be easier for me to access! SO excited!!
  2. I will try to be there! I will go on the Facebook group page too. Hey we can go as U2 friends it’s not really a public meeting anyway.
  3. I would love to do this. I will be arriving from Los Angeles on the 7th in the morning (I am going to both shows). I am not sure how far One Tree Hill is from Auckland but let me know. Blessings, Penelope
  4. These are hilarious! Love it! Sounds like a fun trip. I am a native Californian so been to JT many times growing up. I remember getting the album and driving thru JT park with my sister blaring it in the car. Saw a couple coyotes and beautiful sunset I am overdue for a visit!
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