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    Achtung Baby - Zooropa
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    Stay (faraway, so close)
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    Elevation Tour - Turin
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    U2360° Tour - Milan
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    Depeche Mode, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Muse, Foo Fighters
  1. nothing but the thought of you...queen of the day

  2. Hi Iharper1994, there you go it's an epic video and you should definitely check out part 1 and 2 as well if you never did
  3. Nice thread! These are my first animated gifs ever...planning a few more cause it's so funny!
  4. Hi there! My name is Valentina and I'm an Italian who recently moved to Germany - found out and fell in love with U2 in '93 when I was 13 and since then they're the kings of my musical journey! see you around!
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