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  1. can't even get it to ring this time - was listening on app - any luck?
  2. I was in car - it was well into the song when I called - it rang once - a lady said 3 and hung up! I called back and kept getting a verizon recording
  3. Still holding out hope. Entered twitter and FB contests.
  4. Congrats to any winners. Will provide room and board for +1
  5. Anyone have a spare for sale?
  6. I am dating myself but I remember lining up overnight outside of a video rental store in queens ny to get tickets for the Joshua tree tour through ticketmaster lol
  7. I will be trying tomorrow - just wondering if the GA sold out for the fan presale for the 2 added shows. Fingers crossed that I can snag to GA tomorrow.
  8. Now on my app and phone the U2 Presale is not even asking for a code????? I logged out and in...so I guess anyone can buy really bad expensive tickets now?
  9. I have been trying and trying on the app, laptop, my phone...still no GA for any of the NY shows...... It is my understanding that the presale ends at 1pm est today....any advice mods. If feels a shame to let this vide go to waste
  10. Attempted any/all of the NYC shows...same as above....can't spend 300+ per ticket would like 2 GA to Sat MSG show. Still have my code... Help please. Thank yoy
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