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  1. Right. Basically there is a contradiction between the two. It looks like U2.com is saying It's staggered wires at one time, red hill another. The people over at TicketMaster didn't get that request. So someone from U2 should reach out to whomever they talk to at TicketMaster and say "No. This is what we meant. Hey guys, can you fix this for us please?" Unless they didn't really mean that, then they should just change the U2.com page to reflect what's really going on.
  2. If you look on U2.com it says: "Week 2 Recently announced 2nd shows: Los Angeles (May 21st), Chicago (June 4th), East Rutherford (June 29th), London (July 9), Rome (July 16), Paris (July 26) and Amsterdam (July 30). Wednesday, 18 Jan., 9am - Presales open for 'Red Hill Group' (longtime subscribers) Thursday, 19 Jan., 9am - Presales open for 'Wires Group' (new subscribers) Friday, 20 Jan., 5pm - Presales end Monday, 23 Jan. - Public on sale London (July 9), Rome (July 16), Paris (July 26), Amsterdam (July 30) So long time gets priority, then the rest, just like the first round... Ok.
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