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  1. Folks the first two shows look incredible. I cant wait to see them here in Dublin. I am surprised and shocked at Bono's performances, missing lines, voice sounds well below par and he seems to be constantly reading his lyrics from his front of stage prompters. I fully understand he cant be on fire every night but he seems lethargic even confused. Do we need to be concerned or is it a case of...not in his stride just yet".
  2. I am not sure if anyone is in agreement but I have watched numerous youtube vids of the band performances since the start of the IE tour. Bono in fairness looks stiff (probably down to last years accidental injuries). Its hard to gauge but I get a feeling that the band seem to be performing at 80%, something seems un natural? I am sure those of you who have attended the gigs will set me straight on this one??????? I am still looking forward to their still unconfimed Irish dates!!!
  3. Over the years U2 have had some some drawer support acts on tour. The upcoming tour will without doubt also include some top drawer acts. I think it would be a great gesture if the band and management drew their support acts from each country that were unsigned acts or young up and coming bands/artists that have only had limited exposure. Anyone agree or disagree?
  4. Hi Folks As far as I am aware there is still no mention of any Irish dates for U2IE tour. Anyone heard any reliable info on possible concert announcements, dates? Last I heard was some very special gigs lined up for Dublin at the end of 2015.
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