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  1. You know, I never really stood on top of it -- I was a member to specifically access presales and didn't read through all of the benefits. Have never used the coupons, either. Up until about two weeks ago, I was proud to spend the dough. Not so much now that I've realized ewhat's gone missing.
  2. NJ here. Never got my download email, or any email at all re: acquiring the album. Brought garbage seats as an eXPERIENCE-tier member. Fan club and Citi folks past me had a much better price and location selection. Have also never received a fan club gift after 4-5 years of membership. I thought we rallied against greedy corporations with this band?
  3. I kind of got the feeling the presale was a mess when I, an eXPERIENCE-tier person, was only getting arena corner seats -- 3 seconds into the presale. I confirmed this an hour later when it was clear much better seats (especially considering the stage config) were available, most times at a less expensive price. The language re: the album w/ purchase could not have been any clearer: Every ticket purchased will include a copy of U2's new album, "Songs of Experience", to be released 12/1/17. Be on the lookout for a separate email with instructions around how you can redeem your album(s). Prior to 12/1, you will have the opportunity to pre-order one CD per ticket purchased. Once the digital album becomes available on 12/1, fans can redeem either a CD or digital album at the time of redemption. The "instructions" email never came. The "prior to 12/1" option was never afforded to me. In each and every year I have been a fan club member, the club has also failed to send me the corresponding gift for that year. Am I the only person this has happened to? U2.com support has been useless, and somehow, Ticketmaster has been even less so.
  4. "Ahead of day 1 of the presale longtime subscribers were sent an email confirming that they were ‘verified’ " This isn't accurate, at all.
  5. Never got the email instructing me to choose a download or physical CD option, never got an email to just initiate a download, nada. Nothing. Matches the 4+ years of fan club gifts I've never received.
  6. Never got a code, got an awful selection of seats for my level-1 presale, better, cheaper seats were available later in the day... Seriously, fuck this band.
  7. I never got an email, got an awful selection of seats for the presale, and have been a fanclub member for decades. No more. If I want to hear this record I either have to buy it again (despite being told I'd have it as part of my ticket purchase), or download it illegally. Fuck this band.
  8. Ticketmaster.com had a graphic on its purchase page that clearly started today's iNNOCeNCE presale started at 10am. Ticketmaster also made a bunch of flubs and, once again, proved its system cannot handle large demand. U2.com has conflicting information on fanclub membership costs. Really poor rollout. Really not what U2 stands for.
  9. Really poor explanation / detail on the site. And if you dare call MusicToday about it, you'll get a really tempesterous, nasty call center rep who thinks you're an idiot.
  10. The $40 option never presents itself unless you are logged in, yet when I signed up, it had all of my previous info, etc. A bit deceptive.
  11. So, apparently, the $40 price shows up if you're a logged-in member of any sort. If you're not, the $50 price shows up. Nowhere is the difference explained, however.
  12. Lo-fidelity, your presale code is in your membership profile, on the left-hand side of the page. The $50 / $40 nonsense needs to be explained though. And if it leads to a debacle in tomorrow's presale like the one that occured today, I will actually relish in making noise about it. No problems paying for the fanclub and early access; I work in this business and I get it. But drop the ball so badly that prices are dynamically fluctuating and airlining between days... that's a bit unjust.
  13. Big Wave, when will someone address the $10 difference in fan club costs between yesterday and tonight? Everything now clearly states $40, I was charged $50. Hopefully, I won't run into issues with the presale tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. It's only $10, but that's 1,000 pennies of principle and a pretty bad look for the band.
  14. ... when they were $50 on Tuesday. I'm shocked that this presale and fanclub situation has been so disorganized and misleading. Ticketmaster and U2.com have differing times, people are confused, etc. Bad look, gentlemen.
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