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  1. You know, I never really stood on top of it -- I was a member to specifically access presales and didn't read through all of the benefits. Have never used the coupons, either. Up until about two weeks ago, I was proud to spend the dough. Not so much now that I've realized ewhat's gone missing.
  2. NJ here. Never got my download email, or any email at all re: acquiring the album. Brought garbage seats as an eXPERIENCE-tier member. Fan club and Citi folks past me had a much better price and location selection. Have also never received a fan club gift after 4-5 years of membership. I thought we rallied against greedy corporations with this band?
  3. I kind of got the feeling the presale was a mess when I, an eXPERIENCE-tier person, was only getting arena corner seats -- 3 seconds into the presale. I confirmed this an hour later when it was clear much better seats (especially considering the stage config) were available, most times at a less expensive price. The language re: the album w/ purchase could not have been any clearer: Every ticket purchased will include a copy of U2's new album, "Songs of Experience", to be released 12/1/17. Be on the lookout for a separate email with instructions around how you can redeem your album(s
  4. Never got a code, got an awful selection of seats for my level-1 presale, better, cheaper seats were available later in the day... Seriously, fuck this band.
  5. I never got an email, got an awful selection of seats for the presale, and have been a fanclub member for decades. No more. If I want to hear this record I either have to buy it again (despite being told I'd have it as part of my ticket purchase), or download it illegally. Fuck this band.
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