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  1. I think you are reading too much into the name. It is simply what I and my mates have always known him as although for a nickname he has also been referred to as "that arsehole" ?? i know all about October but my point was that it was the weak album between Boy and War. It's funny but after SOI was released I met a journalist who had written a gushing review and told him that in 3/5 years there would only be 3 or 4 tracks that had stood the test of time. I met him earlier this year at a Joshua Tree concert and he reminded me of our conversation and told me how he now totally agreed.
  2. Just listen to Lights of Home, American Soul, the Showman ("You look so good" - oh please?), Landlady, The Blackout, they would struggle to get onto any other album including even October, Pop and NLOTH. Even the stronger tracks are weak enough. When they finally just do greatest hits tours, there will be precious little from 2017 on it. they hid disappointing sales of SOI by the apple wheeze but wait to see how low this will be. The tide has gone out and they are left with only Hewson's vast ego to cover their modesty..
  3. Have listened in the dark to 14 new albums on launch day (3 times before launch day actually!) and can safely say that this is appalling stuff. Lights of home for example is simply embarrassing. It is obvious that this is now just the band playing support to Hewson's egotistical writing. After 38 years, am still happy to go to concerts but if this is all that they can now write, then keep it to greatest hits and forgotten gems. Stop the embarrassment! ?
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