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  1. GA TIX for show #1 on the 13th available right now
  2. Was there for both Wednesday and Thursday. Took only a handful of pics and videos, but decided to shoot this from start to finish because I knew he was going to be right in front of me...was even better than I hoped.
  3. I saw a pic from someone on the aisle of 109 closest to 110. We will be loving it. (I am also in 110 row 8.) I don't think we will have any trouble seeing anything. And yes the circle stage is a b stage. Adam will come for a visit directly in front of us and Bono usually stops by there too once or twice.
  4. Good luck. If you can't get on the floor...the loge seats behind the e stage are fantastic and super close. I saw them from that spot in CHI. There's some face value seats floating around in Loge 4 or 5 I think.
  5. Or this? http://providence.craigslist.org/tix/5115905051.html
  6. See this? http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/tix/5114952108.html
  7. I don't know if there was. There was definitely one for Wednesday's show. And it lasted for over an our before GAs were sold out. I'm also waiting for Sun...
  8. On ticketmaster right now!
  9. I think the main limit is not being able to see the screen well, since you will be staring at the "side" of it, or at a very severe angle. I don't think there is anything impeding your view of the band, aside from them facing away from you for much of the time. Thanks Jeff. There are some 200 level seats available in the corners for Chicago that I was considering. $95, but "limited view". You think that's better than 300 level but center?
  10. So the question I still don't know the answer to, from those that have been there, how 'limited' are the limited view seats on the corners behind the main stage. I have seen a few pics, but hard to tell.
  11. Seems like the corners behind the main stage have 'limited view'. Can anyone describe exactly how limited we're talking?
  12. Check ticketmaster right now. Just dropped.
  13. Flying in for work. Have Sunday night free. Where else would you rather be? Let me know if you have an extra. Thanks
  14. Hey PopFan, that include the not-$300 tickets?? Those venues have lower bowls @ $115/$85?? (Canadian dollar amounts, hihi) Yes. I have searched and found $118 for both (EZ seats, but still)
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