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  1. NYC is not paperless as it is against the law there. Went to Eric Church paperless, upon walking in they gave me a seat location (GA pit) on a receipt and a wristband. You get a keepsake but it is not a concert ticket.... Would be nice if they made nice tickets for the amount they ask in service fees....have a nice hard copy ticket with a photo of the band, similar to what season ticket holders get for NHL teams.
  2. You're likely on a 24 hour IP block from Ticketmaster. If you see the 503 error and the white screen.
  3. I can see the lowerbowl price of 300$. As that is standard for U2 lowerbowls even during 360 it was around 260-280. But the upperbowl of 300$ thats crazy lol. In the 300s: Row 11 is 300$ row 12 is 113$ haha.
  4. People rip on Ticketmaster saying it doesn't work etc. There's lots of other sites that I have found much worse...some I've tried to buy tickets and it wouldn't even accept my credit card... The amount of people that are looking for tickets at the same time can make it hard for the server to handle. The one thing that is bad as some brokers use these bots which isn't fair at all...
  5. Same, got them for the second show cheers!
  6. Beck, Foster the People, Broken Bells would be great. Arcade Fire would be AMAZING, but thinking they may be too big now, as they have headlined some of these arenas alone now. Haim/Chvrches would definitely be good.
  7. NYC is not allowed to have paperless tickets there, it's a law
  8. Does anyone think we will be seeing more shows? Seems to be very wide gaps between shows.
  9. Hmmmm. maybe the band will be sliding on the rectangle platform down through the crowd. Not sure, but could see this as a possibility.
  10. Sometimes people sell tickets they don't even have yet. Thinking that they will be able to buy a seat at comparable or better value
  11. They are in the front of the lowerbowl sections... some in section 104 I can see... Also there is the Red Zone.
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