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  1. Did anyone else buy tickets through the fan club and view the map on Ticketmaster at the time with the stage facing in the other direction? I was pretty disappointed to show up last night and see that the seats were behind the band/back stage - they reversed the set up! Totally not what I thought I was purchasing!
  2. No I don't believe there's going to be anyone opening tonight. I'm hearing U2 is coming on at 8pm!
  3. I've been wondering this exact same thing on what the status is. An update for this delay would be appreciated!!
  4. #1. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb #2. Songs of Innocence #3. All That You Can't Leave Behind
  5. Anyway know of a good and update U2 Tumblr to follow?!
  6. So glad I came across this thread, I was wondering the same thing. I am so looking forward to these goodies!
  7. I keep waking up to the acoustic version of Every Breaking Wave
  8. I'm still waiting for my tickets to be available to print and even then I'm worried that i'll show up the day of the concert and they won't work at all. Then what happens?!
  9. I had no problems at all picking out seats for the Toronto show during the presale this afternoon....everything worked smoothly minus the fact that the prices are becoming so ridiculous. Was hoping to snag a pair for the Montreal show as well, but the costs of tickets are more than making the the trip there plus hotel accommodations
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