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  1. I got that same auto response email an hour before I got my code...
  2. I messaged the mods at 7:45am Eastern, and followed up with a U2.com support email. Not sure which worked, but one did! I later got a PM from the mods asking if my situation had been fixed.
  3. Me too!! Shockingly I was able to buy GA tix for Boston even though the sale had started 90 minutes prior! Thank you, mod team!
  4. Nope. I only bought tickets for each tour in Boston and got shut out.
  5. Because you weren’t selected in the lottery. Many of us will be seeking refunds. Clearly U2.com didn’t know about this because they clearly stated that we’d all get codes. You just weren’t guaranteed tix once you had a code, as usual. Not giving us codes at all broke a promise, so they’re offering refunds (which is good).
  6. Check the other thread. It’s a lottery system and people are getting screwed. Many experience people will be rejected, even though many innocence people will get codes.
  7. The podcast was wrong. The TM Verified platform is shit. We’re getting screwed. Time for a membership refund....
  8. Right, but if eXPERIENCE people are shutout. All innocence should be... that’s how seniority works. did you get a rep, or are you still on hold? I keep getting busy signals.
  9. Eff this. So innocence group people will get codes when some experience people do not? REFUND!!
  10. Ugh... I can’t even get through on the phone, I keep getting busy signals. My local experience presale starts in 90minutes... I really need to get this cleared up...
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