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  1. I know that people are pissed off, but you have to realize that U2 is one of the most popular bands in the world. They, the Rolling Stones and maybe one or two other acts can charge whatever they want because of the broad appeal they have around the world. GA tickets and upper bowl tickets are reasonably priced, frankly they could charge more for those as well and people would pay. We live in a world where the prices for almost everything is going up, expecting a concert from one of the biggest bands in the world to not go up is just unrealistic. In a world where album sales are stagnant,
  2. Wear comfortable shoes, chances are people will be lining up days in advance if they can, or at least very early the morning of the show just to get as close as they can. I am debating on heading up from Seattle, may wait for the 2016 stadium leg as they probably will play Seattle at Century Link Field again. They have seem to start/finish their tours in the past here in the NW, so perhaps Seattle could either be the start of the 2016 leg or finish up the entire tour here, all speculation of course. I'll be honest, based on the stage layout being thrown around... a Main Stage and b-stage
  3. I'm also going to Vancouver and my tickets say S-FLR, so the whole North/South thing seems legit.
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