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  1. Thanks for the info. Hopefully it won't be an issue. Can I ask? Was the view still good in the higher up seats? Or would you not recommend that section of the stadium?
  2. Would anybody know if the view from the a seat in section 126 is likely to obstructed by the mixing board area? I bought a ticket in the presale thinking it would be a great view as its bang right in the center on the lower concourse. I didn't factor in that anything would be in front of it other than fans on the field and the stage. Now I'm second guessing. Not sure where else the sound guys would go other than at the back and in the center. The ticket didn't say obstructed view but it was only $70, which is cheaper than seats in 123 that I saw, which I thought would not have been as good a view. Anybody have experience at previous gigs that could maybe put mind at ease?
  3. Hi guys, I was frantically attempting to buy 2 tickets this afternoon to the first night at MSG. With no success on my laptop I had 2 seats pop up through the TM phone app for section 114. Looking at the floor layout I assumed the stage would be beside the red zone and 114 would be at the opposite end. With fear of losing the seats I quickly pressed buy. After it was confirmed I noticed the seats were labelled as rear/side of stage. I'm now tearing my hair out thinking I've spent just shy of $250 and for portions of the show I'll not even be able to see the band. It would be great if anyone with any knowledge or assumptions of the stage design could tell me if they think the main stage would be 'open' with unobstructed views from back and sides or if they think it will be the normal MSG stage set up where the band can only be viewed if you are in front of it. Pretty gutted to think I wasted my presale code on worse seats than I'll probably be able to buy on public sale on Monday.
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