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  1. Yesterday's problems have evaporated? My wife and I were both able to score GA tickets for LA within 3 minutes of the "Innocence" opening today.
  2. SAP Center in San Jose has posted a very detailed seat map -- much more precise than the one on ticketmaster.com. What I notice is that it appears the stage will be set up with a main stage at one end and a runway along the floor to a smaller stage at the other end. So I guess the band stays on the main stage and Bono runs to the other end to sing sometimes. The diagram also shows the Red Zone as being near the second end -- the smaller stage. If that's the case, then red zone people aren't particularly close to the band, but they might be close to Bono sometimes. For those of you who have been to previous tours, does this sound right? Does anyone have any other data? Also, does anyone know whether red zone ticket holders are permitted to leave the red zone and go into the GA area? In other words, are you restricted to the red zone, or can you choose to join the madness for part of the show? (Bottom line is that I want to get as close as possible to the band, but it's not clear that red zone is actually better than GA for that.) Thanks! Here's the link: http://www.sapcenteratsanjose.com/events/detail/u2-innocence-experience-tour-2015
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