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  1. It's unfortunate for everyone who's struggling to get Vegas tickets. My experience was fine. In and out with a GA ticket in 3-5 minutes. Confirmation from Flash Seats and my ticket showing inside the app with no issues. Hope everyone is able to get problems sorted out. Sounds like there were a ton more bad stories than success ones about this presale...
  2. Within the last week I just purchased some tickets for Phoenix 2 on StubHub. 2 lower bowl seats on the "E" side of the arena. 70+ each with fees. Not bad considering I paid 60+ for the nosebleeds seats on the opposite end of the arena for Phoenix 1 when they went on sale. No problems at all with the order. And StubHub's Fan Protection keeps me covered if the seller wasn't true to his word and gave me duplicate tix or what have you. Great experience with them this time around.
  3. Tried to get at least 1 more GA for 30th on Monday so I wouldn't be going by myself, but no luck. Decided to get some cheap nosebleeds for Phoenix 1 instead
  4. I got GA tickets for the last 2 shows at the forum, and couldn't be happier about it. But, as a last minute thing on monday, got me and my friend some cheap nosebleeds in Phoenix so she could see her first show. Just assuming the stage was gonna be at least somewhat similar to the diagram given I didn't think anything of our seats location, but now, it looks as though we're gonna end up sitting behind the main stage, which is a little upsetting. Had I'd known all this at the time I would've surely gotten tickets on the opposite end of the arena
  5. Same as you Rich, 1 GA for each of the 30th and 31st shows. Some friends of mine didn't have the luck I had getting tickets for the saturday show, so I'll be heading to the forum alone on the 30th. No issue though, see you there!
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