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  1. Merry Christmas my U2 friends and a happy new year. I sell Christmas Trees on the Island in the Baltic Seas where I live. Of all trees there was one that stood out and it bringed back some beloved memories from one special tour.. The Joshua Tree - 30 Years We have snow and it stands beautiful in front of my house. I think of putting yellow led lights on it... 💕🎶💕🎶 /P
  2. Maybe they check the interest on a full album AB Tour. ? If it would be needed.
  3. I think they had some problem with it on first night in Chicago and did not see any signs using it on the 2:nd night to activate it. Would be nice see it in action, with an extra phone then but I use phone less on GA. ?
  4. I missed the 360 tour but was so happy they played ultraviolet on Innoncence tour. And some more AB songs. ?
  5. Then let them end with whatever album.. As long they do a AB in full setlist. ?
  6. I wonder if American Soul will be on the European setlist? . I though hope soo because it was really good live in Chicago and landlady will be good too. The strongest song on this tour are the new ones and from Achtung Baby. Let them then have another holiday in france, come back with a full tour on AB and then end with song of ascents ?. Sounds good...
  7. I agree and I cant stop listning too it. That has only happen once and with the Joshua Tree. Before starting to pack my bags for Chicago I have too quote your post of how good this album is and you mention the tour being incredible, I believe you that its possible after the Joshua Tree Tour . ? Today I read an old interview with Bono in a Q Magazine. The year was 2011 and his answer like seen today is interesting with the Intimate SOE album. Q - "You've often said U2 to be the biggest band in the world.. Making interesting and challenging music might be at odds wit
  8. I agree with you and I dont know how many times U2 has finished a concert with a song that is not among their more popular closers. Really like they choose these type of songs more and they maybe not are for the big stadiums. It's a beautiful little song. With his voice also being so good on the Innoncence tour I really look forward to SOE
  9. If they dont play The Little things I think have a short live version of it from Croke Park and last summers Joshua Tree Concert. Not many recorded that song I think cause had GA ticket and did not see many phones up. Was more a suprise but could have been wrong about 80000 in the crowd. ? Was a beautiful end of a great night in Dublin. The Little things was the final song. ?
  10. I will send you an PM and go with my friend from Cincinnati. We travel there by car and would be nice meeting you and others of U2.COM The new US tour t-shirt with Bonos Megaphone is so cool. I hope too be there early grab one with Chicago printed on.. I say nothing about Trump and listen to my friends quote. - DT is more complex than he comes across. Hope to see you there. ? .
  11. I could not stop from peeking on yesterdays setlist. It looks to be one of their best since Elevation and 360 tour. See you in Chicago and it's only U2 that can put up a show like this. Have to stay away reading from your first night, cause I have tickets on 23:th. ? It will be magical.
  12. Enjoy the Show!!! Greetings to U2 fans in Tulsa from Finland. ?❤️
  13. U2 Fans I Big Love "With a worsening storm, our sources have headed for home to stay warm and dry and have reported in to say that they are safe. These fans have suffered through extreme cold and adverse weather conditions for a number of days since the band arrived in Montreal. The unseasonable winter conditions are unusual for the area at this time of the year and have taken many by surprise. In Toronto, affected by the storm yesterday, over 75% of the flights out of the city were canceled in the early part of the day and the power is out in several regions around Toronto." ?❤️❤️?
  14. Congratulations on your 1000 U2 post and happy easter to all U2 fans all over the world.. ?
  15. (Big Smile) that would be awesome and I think what 3D glasses at Croke park last summer could have done with horror. (who did not take a beer lol). I just love that this band has something exciting for us. Was not justin using a Hologram with a tribute to Prince at the Super Bowl.... That was a huge one!
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