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  1. im in line for it again
  2. so no limit.. i can do this??
  3. i have 4 gas and 2 seated for my friends. im in line for 1 ga and am afraid to purchase in case theres still a limit. i got 5 mins!!! anyone???
  4. 2 mins and 10 seconds help
  5. i already have 4 gas and 2 seated. am i limited at this stage or can i buy another ga for my friend? im in line and have 5 mins to purchase ga but scred
  6. Did you get GA tickets? Here's my dilemma. I have 4 ga's and two section 118 row 28. The cost of the section 118 was 298 each when I got them in December. I bought 2 gas in the presage and panicked and bought the section 118 on general sale day thinking this was all I would get but a few minutes later I picked up 2 more gas. I called ticket master to let them know what happened and that I wanted to return the section 118. They said there is a no refund policy and also they threatened to cancel all or some of my tickets. I was fuming as I was trying to be upfront and honest. As it turns
  7. I have two tickets for sale for section 118 row 28 at face value for Toronto July 7th show. I dont need them as i am going ga. I tried for a refund from ticketmaster and they won't do it. Just want money back that i paid for them. face value including taxes 298 each. First come first serve.
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