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  1. Hey Montreal's fans! I have to wait until tomorrow for the pre-sale, but I'd like to see the seating chart. Does anyone have it? They don't show it on Evenko if you can't connect
  2. UPDATE I've just received my confirmation email...woohooooo!!!! Just have to wait for the pre-sale to start now....
  3. Yeah, I can connect to the site, but can't do anything... :-/ But with the number of people trying to connect/subscribe, I guess it's normal
  4. Hey eveyone!! First of all I'd like do say that my english is not very good...so be kind with me please!! I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation, but I've just subscribe today for the paid membership. I've got my invoice, but never got my email statut verification so I can't sign-up as it keep telling me that my email is not confirmed... Is there anyone in this situation? ...and yeah, I've looked at my junk mail Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here... I'm sure my problem is just because A LOT of people decided to subscribed today, but I still haven't received my confirmation email?!? So I can't connect to my account... Is there any newbie with the same problem? Thanks in advence (and sorry for my english...not my first language)
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