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  1. Interesting, we might see some more shows popping up. This is good news,
  2. from U2.com, you need to register like right now VERIFIED FAN GENERAL ONSALE / MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20 REGISTER NOW
  3. We need to remember that there's one more verified pre-sale happening on 11/20, plus the regular sale, so the ticket allocations for each pre-sale must been really small. I am happy I got 2 seats eventho I was really looking for GA.
  4. No GA for LA Forum, and I tried and tried... got good seats instead.
  5. You used the Mobile version of TM website or the app?
  6. Can you do a step by step on how you bought them through the app? I feel buying through the app is more stress free than thru desktop but with this new system I am not sure how it will work. open the app-browse the show/city-input code-buy tickets? something like this?
  7. So the link works only on desktop or is it possible to use the TM app to buy tickets once you receive your code?
  8. Thanks all for your input, is greatly appreciated.
  9. I did GA for the I&E show at the Forum and I was in the middle of the walkway 4 rows behind the rail and I lined up around 1:00 pm, great experience imo. I'm leaning towards red-zone more and more... Thanks for your input.
  10. Hello U2 Friends, I was wondering what the big difference between Red zone and GA is besides the price, I've done GA a couple of times but for the next Forum show it will be 2 days b4 my 43th birthday so I am thinking of gifting myself a Red zone ticket. Pro's and con's anyone??? Thanks
  11. This only applies for some countries in Europe, read below: PRE-ORDER SONGS OF EXPERIENCE IN UK, IRELAND, GERMANY, FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, DENMARK, ITALY, & HOLLAND Fans in these countries who pre-order the album by November 30th will have the chance to enter a presale to buy up to 2 tickets for the yet-to-be-announced 2018 shows in Europe. (You will receive a unique ticketing code, in early 2018. The presale will not open until 2018 and of course availability is while stock lasts. Please note: a code does not guarantee a ticket.)
  12. Does anybody have an idea where is the band entrance to the venue or at what time?, I am hoping my 9 year old can see them close and personal. I am planning to be at the Bowl at noon.
  13. I just turned 43 on Wednesday 17th, been a fan since I came across the Joshua Tree cassette tape in high school back in Peru but due living in a 3 world country with lots of political en economical issues back in the day not many good bands (great bands in this case) will perform there. When I moved to the US 15 years ago I was able to make up for lost time and I began my U2 tour addiction. I've seen then 5 times already. - 360 Tour- Rose Bowl - 360 Tour- Anaheim 1 - 360 Tour- Anaheim 2 - I+E Tour- LA 1 - I+E Tour- LA 5 I will be seeing them tomorrow Saturday for a 6th time and I am taking my 9 year old daughter to her first show ever, so it's gonna be super special. I am hoping to see them again in my hometown of Peru if they decide to do a southamerican leg of Joshua Tree Tour (crossing fingers).
  14. Same here, is gonna be an awesome day!!
  15. Very interested in knowing the answer for this, I am taking my 9 year old to the Rose Bowl show this Saturday and I was hoping we can see the band arrive or get an autograph.
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