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  1. Yes have to say would have preferred a different location in London (or even better one nearer me- shame they aren't doing Elland Road like on original tour as I'm in Leeds) as remember it being a nightmare getting back into town the last time they played there and indeed when I saw the Stones there. I did try to get a cheap hotel nearer to the stadium but had no luck so had to go for a hotel in London so will have to battle through the crowds!
  2. Yes- I remember seeing quite a few people hop the fence onto the pitch at Murrayfield- quite a few chased by security too!
  3. Very similar to me! I did 1 night at SECC plus Murrayfield- my 1st ever gigs, not just of U2 but any band. In theory 1st band I ever saw live were Hue and Cry as they were the support. I remember me and my mates going out of school at lunchtime and going to Virgin Records in Princes Street to get the tickets for the Murrayfield gig. Then I couldn't make that day as I was working so sold my ticket but then someone who I worked with had a ticket and didn't want and agreed to cover my shift so I bought ticket off them and went! Great day too with cracking supporting line up of Love & Money, Runrig, Mission and Pogues.
  4. Yes- real shame I'm an ex pat Scot living in England but my 1st ever gigs (not just U2 any gig) was on the Joshua Tree tour in both Glasgow at the SECC and Edinburgh at Murrayfield so would have loved to have seen a Scottish date as probably would have traveled back for it. Thankfully still going to see them in London
  5. Yes- upper tier. I had presumed middle tier i.e. that lower would be the £187 ones, middle £78, upper £41 but when I tried to select middle tier last week I was offered only the top price. So I went back and opted for £78 and was given upper tier to the left of the stage in U9. I can only presume the really cheap ones are upper but furthest away from stage
  6. Hi all Been trying to find somewhere reasonable to stay and unsurprisingly everything near Twickenham either fully booked or super expensive. Managed to find somewhere cheap in London near London Bridge (so not too far from Waterloo) in the LSE accommodation that they rent out in the summer. Basics in some ways but gets good reviews http://www.lsevacations.co.uk/Accommodation/Bankside-House/Bankside-House.aspx?gclid=Cj0KEQiA-_HDBRD2lomhoufc1JkBEiQA0TVMmhrIQ5vs8kUUWu3My8xt3eaudZNE5bebt72zx9rrs58aAjdb8P8HAQ#sthash.kWOdH99J.dpbs In case this helps anybody- was £58 for a single room B&B and £78 for a twin
  7. All sorted- did it via the app. Went for seated as kids are too young for GA- initially went for middle tier as figured they were the middle priced ones but they were the £187 ones so went back and got the ones at £78. In the upper tier but looks like good position (hopefully won't be too bad for my wife as she doesn't like heights)
  8. Hi all Just managed to get some really quickly through the app- didn't try the website
  9. I have not got presale access until tomorrow but my friend had it today and said she couldn't get any seats and had to get standing instead. Anyone else have this issue? Just our kids aren't old enough to go in standing so I'd need seated
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    That's great info... where did you find that? I haven't used ticketmaster for a while, can you select a specific price range when booking or does it just default to best available (highest price)? From here http://blog.ticketmaster.co.uk/music/u2-announced-huge-uk-date-heres-get-tickets-30621/?tm_link=tm_homeA_news2 For ticketmaster you can either do best available or select a price range
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    Just found this for London Tickets are priced at £35, £70, £100 and £170. This is the face value cost, and are as ever subject to change. A service charge will also be added on each purchase.
  12. Just found this for London Tickets are priced at £35, £70, £100 and £170. This is the face value cost, and are as ever subject to change. A service charge will also be added on each purchase.
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    Hi BigWave... I really wish Ticketmaster (or someone) would confirm all of the price levels for seated tickets at Twickenham. Is that too much to ask the day before they go on sale? If you click the drop down arrow below the £40.30-£187 "range" then it just states two different prices, either £40.30 or £187 and nothing else in between. I am sure this isn't the case but it really doesn't help me work out with my friends which tickets we want. I agree- my friend is getting pre-sale tomorrow and me Thursday so be good to know what we'd like to go for. Additionally we are taking the kids so want to know where we think would be best for them.
  14. Right- just subscribed again- I presume my code is the 15 character code starting with U2 on my profile page?
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