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  1. í would like a blu-ray of ALL the Super8 & 16mm film footage shot during the process of creating the "Achtung Baby" album ~ from the broom cupboard STS sessions, to the Hansa Ton / Winter in Berlin footage, to the Dogtown in Dalkey recording, to the Anton photography sessions in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Morocco. We saw pieces of it in promo material at the time of release, and as 'interference' on the "Achtung Baby (the Videos, The Cameos And A Whole Lot Of Interference From ZooTV )" VHS tape. A 'whole lot' perhaps, but not THE whole lot. There was also sections of it littered throughout "From The Sky Down ", where it was revealed that, astonishingly, the Dogtown Dalkey sessions had synced sound as well. í would have been happy enough if "From The Sky Down" had consisted solely of more of this footage. How much did Maurice Linnane et al record of those sessions? A blu-ray edition with this all this raw footage included as a supplement would have been entirely possible and sensible, thus it never happened! All the footage from this period looked cool as hell, and it would be great to see in spiffy quality as a 30th Anniversary subscriber release. Is that a 'realistic' suggestion? All realism is relative, Baby ! 😉 .
  2. Even more awesome, trust me. Smallest venue on tour, great acoustic, great city. Few around here will admit it, but us old farts know that U2 have very rarely knocked it out of the park in Dublin. It took a long time before the pressure of the 'Hometown Show' was conquered. And the Dublin shows are almost never the best of any tour. Even less likely now that the majority of people at any Dublin shows in the last 20 years are not from Dublin... There will almost certainly be more Irish fans at the Belfast show
  3. í get the feeling we are not going to get a definitive answer on this, as nobody has a clue So howsabout this ~ the FAQ states that if you used your 'unique' code for previous pre-sales for e+i shows, you are not eligible for additional pre-sales. í did use one 'unique' code for MSG1 pre-sale. í have now been assigned, for some reason, a new and different 'unique' code. so if í try for belfast to-morrow at 9am, how is that against the rules? .
  4. the reason they added Glasgow Elevation last minute was because Bono's Dad was near death, and he was flying back and forth to his Dublin bedside after each concert on that European tour. They were squeezed in to accommodate the grim reaper. It made those shows extremely memorable, as Bono was in some other headspace those nights. Second best glasgow shows i've ever seen, after Zooropa at Parkhead. if anyone is to blame for no show in glasgow this time it's kevin bridges. A month 'residency' at the hydro? how much money does one slightly funny chancer need? Manchester was ignored for the i+E tour, so fair dos...
  5. í think these last two posts revolve around the (key) difference between a "Verified Subscriber" and a "Verified Fan". The VS pre-sale opens first next Tuesday, the VF pre-sale is next on the 20th. í am hoping that if you have a green boxed SETUP COMPLETE on your U2.com account page, then you are a-ok for Tuesday's pre-sale as a Verified Subscriber. Hoping... .
  6. Does anybody know if the pre-sale will be 10am PT or ET? UK fan trying for MSG
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