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  1. Hi, sorry to bother you. But are there some accounts that won't be able to see this? I've done all things properly and still only get the trailer from the live stream link. It would be helpful to know if I should just give up for today. Thanks very much.

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      Do you have a 2020 subscription? please check the FAQ on https://www.u2.com/help  . There is explained which subscription period is allowed.

  2. that's not quite what people are objecting to - it is the matter of a large number of experience paid subscribers not receiving a code - it was not clearly communicated that there would be experience paid subscribers shut out completely from the pre-sale. I imagine you can see why that has turned into an issue, yes?
  3. ticketmaster is gross (always has been), but the fact long time paid fan club members didn't receive a code because of an algorithmic lottery is gross beyond any imagining. it was a sucker punch from a band we adore and it'll take a good long minute to feel okay about it.
  4. Me too, excellent question. I had a chat with a supervisor on the Help line (U2, not ticketmaster) he said it was a 90/10 split. 90 percent of experience got a presale code, 10 percent didn't. I also asked what caused the small 10 percent to get locked out, he said he couldn't (or wouldn't) 'disclose' that information. I asked what he recommended as next steps, he said 'next steps for what?", um, next steps to try to get a chance to buy a ticket .... he did not have any recommendation. It is what it is and my only note for the future was gee, I sure wish I had known, up front, in big block letters, that this was a straight up Lottery. That should not have been a nuanced mention at the bottom half of some email. Or something.
  5. That's cool, you can name call me an elitist prick if that makes you feel better but the truth is U2 established the hierarchy by segregating members into two distinct groups and are now disregarding any such hierarchy, or, the lottery disregards the hierarchy. Personally, I would have been happy to have all paid members in one group irregardless of how long they've been around. Sure, you are every bit the same legacy member and you still have a strong shot at receiving your innocence code. Experience members are done and dusted for this go-round.
  6. Dear Guy O, You've misread the tea leaves if you think paid legacy members will quietly accept being tossed into a lottery. You've misread the tea leaves if you think legacy members in the experience group can be shut out of the pre-sale while the innocence group gets their codes. Does the band know you and your LiveNation cronies are pulling this lottery stunt? You sir, have misread the tea leaves.
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