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  1. My subscription lasts until Jan 9th 2018. The presale is in November. Why are we being asked to renew EARLY? Seems like another shameless U2 ploy to grab an extra $40. I can afford it but what about all the people who can't? So ... is this the new deal? Renew early, even if you have time left on your subscription, or you can't become Ticketmaster verified?
  2. How are they handling a desire to sell your tickets if that's what you decide to do? See some great seats but getting of to go to Buffalo can be dicy.
  3. Wake Up ... the first tour I really did a mini groupie thing and stood up clapping each night when it came on. Hopefully Arcade Fire are back to normal wonderfulness this fall on tour. They got a little stagey for me with Reflector.
  4. OK I am completely captivated in a way I've not been for some time by The Little Things That Give You Away ... heard first in East Rutherford and then watched the band perform it on Jimmy Kimmel when Edge had access to all his pedals and just take me away. I'm swooning for this song. Love the build. Love the lyrics. Just beautiful. If this is what Songs Of Experience is like I'm going to feel like a young gal again. And, btw ... thought they absolutely rocked that first Meadowlands night. The last tour was too stagey and preachy ... this the songs did the talking for the most part and th
  5. What an amazing night. Best I've heard U2 in years. Such a great choice to go out with Joshua Tree and remind us all why we love them so much; why they hold a special place in our hearts.
  6. For anyone similarly challenged -- the download appears in your account info ... just use the pull down under your name in the upper right of the browser.
  7. Thought the energy through out on Sunday night much higher and the band much more engaged than Thursday. Section 109 ... all standing Thursday. Section 224 all standing around me on Sunday. The GA crowd seemed thin and underwhelmed on Thursday night. Sunday there were a lot more hands in the air near the stage. I think it's an intriguing show as it has some pretty heavy political content throughout wedded to some really rock out moments. It can be a bit hard to dance hard to Sunday Bloody Sunday and the memory of what was happening in Ireland ... and Ireland forms a huge middle sectio
  8. Thanks guys! I've been on the fence about selling my Thursday night tix for months. Think I'll be fine in section 109. Talk about a lot of angst for all of us because TM couldn't label those tickets properly from the beginning. Now I can just relax and start getting excited
  9. haha, yes it truly was, especially for the first on-sale, a matter of did you get lucky enough to get ANY seats. and, by the time the second on-sale happened, I did go for the "experience" seating. still can't decide ....
  10. Thanks! Side lower bowl section 109, row 18, mid row so to the side of the main stage and probably just a bit too far to the right to love these seats, but probably good for catwalk and rest, yes? Upper bowl section 224, row 4 so smack dab in the middle, so further away, but equidistant from everything. I would like to know who made the decision to label the 109 section tickets side of stage AFTER purchase -- MSG, Live Nation? After sitting right behind a leg with my first pair of fan tickets during 360, I almost didn't upgrade my membership this year ... managed better tickets
  11. Seeking information: Is there a difference between night one and night two in any of the venues? Innocence vs Experience evenings? I've read the press, want to hear from people who've been to shows. Seating question: I have 1 night lower bowl MSG side of stage row 18 and 1 night upper bowl MSG, middle section, row 4. Am thinking to sell one night unless shows are really different between Innocence and Experience. Cannot decide which seats are "better" ... any thoughts appreciated. Those of you next to the stage -- how much time do they spend at the main end? Did it bot
  12. Had thought there were two different shows, but actually bought two sets because every time I've gone to a u2 concert, there is that incredibly sad feeling when it's over. Felt faint over the prices but ... at least this time we're not flying around the country to see them in different cities. Yet. Also got a different part of MSG for the second show -- higher up for a vantage point of the whole experience. Was thinking once we had an idea of the stage design, I might sell one set. Ha. I do not think that is going to happen!
  13. One can only hope. At least we'll know more once they play the first show.
  14. Did anyone else buy a ticket for an MSG show that was labeled "side of stage" after their purchase? Mine were relabeled 3 or 4 days after purchase. Would you be willing to file a complaint with the NY State Attorney General? I've looked at the form and they want to know what kind of relief the filer wants -- I think a discount would be appropriate, to the level of other restricted view ticket prices for that show. I am tired of logging on to the fan club, trying to determine just how restricted the view might be from my seats after paying $312 for them. It is very easy to find the lin
  15. Sounds great! My iTunes overwrote most of my old concert playlists but I still have Giant's Stadium 360 in 2009 Breathe Get on your Boots Mysterious Ways Beautiful Day No Line Magnificent Elevation Still Haven't Found Unknown Caller Until the End of the World Unforgettable Fire City of Blinding Lights Vertigo I'll Go Crazy Sunday Bloody Sunday Walk On One Where the Streets Ultraviolet With or Without You Moment of Surrender
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