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  1. On 2/14/2018 at 3:32 PM, redgavexile said:

    Here's a few links for you guys .maybe a few more resident paddies will add to it




    One of the best bars in Dublin ..home of the wonderful Phil Lynott statue


    One of the finest bars in the city...a must visit




    Also , if City Centre accommodation prices are proving too expensive ,Swords is just out past the airport and has a private express bus service that stops directly out side the Point Depot ( 3arena) quite regularly..may open up some cheaper options for you


    This is GREATTTT !!! thanks for this ... my first time in Dublin and excited to finally check off a top2 bucket list item (was #3 but bumped up to #2 after finally seeing a Manchester United match AT Old Trafford in 2015 !!!)  Coming over for the Tues show, but plan on spending at least 4-5 days on the trip


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  2. (From USA) and never used viagogo. I was able to snag 1 GA for a Dublin show, and got "timed out" or booted when trying to complete purchase on second ... I really dont want to pay 5X the price for a tout, but my real question is "is viagogo legit ? and how do they have a pdf ticket for GA if everything was supposed to be paperless entry?"    whats sad is that even at 5X face its still cheaper then the "Platinum" tickets available for show. 

  3. 12 hours ago, nitz1 said:

    Looks from the set dates  East Coast anyway that that they could add a second night next day and still have 2 travel days in between. Can’t see them setting up the production for one date in each city. Doesn’t make financial sense and we are talking about money grabbing Live Nation here. I mean having to renew subs early and selling new subs to get presale is a money grab to me.

    What sucks is if they add a second date, say Las Vegas, its probably the day after which is Saturday. We are already going to be in Vegas for a huge Foodie event that weekend and I would prefer to do the Sat U2 show (if added) ... Do you or anyone know if a second show is added and we have GA tix, will U2.com be able to transfer to the second date? 

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