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  1. It's not going to happen but wouldn't it be great if they played Refugee from War in place of Miss Sarajevo but kept the MS visuals. I know that Pride was their first number one & it has a place but at this stage it's so overplayed that it's become the soundtrack for a pee break. It's one of those songs that should be in rotation & no way does it have to be played every night of every tour. How about doing Wire from UF in it's place? Also as it's a politically themed concert wouldn't Staring At The Sun be a nice fit?
  2. Let's not forget merchandise prices. At $40 U2 t-shirts are the most expensive I've seen by far. I was really surprised when they signed with Live Nation as they were a band known for doing it their way and to give up so much control is stunning. As you've pointed out there have been big noticeable changes since 360.
  3. Have you seen this? Bono talks about set list: HERE.
  4. Release day has been switched to Fridays for music. As far as I know it's still Tuesdays for books though.
  5. On the last tour the main body of the set was static but the start and encores were flexible and no two nights back to back were the same. There is no reason why this tour couldn't be the same. I have a sense that the band aren't really as serious about this tour as they have no new album to promote. Just the same twenty-ish songs for the remainder of the summer I fear. Now don't get me wrong, obviously they are putting on a great show as can be seen on YouTube. However it just seems like they're not going at it full tilt. "How many songs is that Edge? Twenty-one? That'll do."
  6. As cool and fun as that meerkat/periscope thing was on I+E I always suspected that it was a product placement sponsorship deal. Fans who didn't have a meerkat account signed up to follow the live broadcast. As a matter of fact I had never even heard of meerkat prior to the tour. During the 360 tour they uploaded a day in the life of Edge video with was basically an infomercial for BlackBerry who as it happens were sponsoring the tour.
  7. Yeah you guys are both right. ? It was a very very minor set change. They seemed to have played more variety in the last tour so hopefully as this tour goes on it will be the same.
  8. Re: A Sort Of Homecoming... My guess is that they didn't want to play the exact same set two nights in a row at the same venue. There are fans who will go to both nights and the band respected that.
  9. The Joshua Tree alone is about an hour, then with the rest it has to come close to the two hour mark. So time wise I think it is about the norm. However I was expecting them to play more songs. Are they playing longer songs (Bad, A Sort of Homecoming) that eat up time? But for sure they could do at least two more tunes pre-JT or as a final encore. A nice piano only Every Breaking Wave then 40 and everyone goes home happy.
  10. I paid $25 for a Cure shirt at MSG last year.
  11. Bono has been using teleprompters for the last few tours. Not just for song lyrics but also for inbetween song banter. The band rehearse to a fault playing entire concerts to empty stadiums in preparation for tours. The shows are great, no doubt about that, but are now closer to being scripted plays rather than rock concerts. I'm glad to say that I saw them on the original JT tour when it was just get up and play. By contrast whenever I've seen them since it's more about hitting their mark and doing the rehearsed routine.
  12. I believe that Adam's in-ear was malfunctioning and as a result he was off the beat for the first part of the song.
  13. It seems that after POP the band lost conference in themselves and every album since has been delayed by over thinking and second guessing. Having said that I love SOI, it's the most complete statement they're released since the 90's. A true album. By comparison I think the other 21st century records are 2-3 singles surrounded by filler.
  14. Hugging at an advanced level.
  15. At the weekend I has at The Jesus and Mary Chain, got in early and snagged a good spot right at the front railing. There was nobody in front and I had a close view..... the guy standing next to me watched the entire show through his phone screen as he snapped photos. Completely pointless as there was media photographers with much better cameras present. Those pro shots were online the next day in gig reviews/galleries. The band is here now, playing now. Be here now.
  16. I used to suffer from post concert depression DURING the concert! There I'd be thinking "Oh man only three songs left. The show will be over soon, bummer." But since I've focused on living in the moment I find that is not an issue. Now I have no regrets knowing that I made the most of each song and didn't spend too much time taking photographs for later. So I guess that my advice is be present at the show, enjoy it thoroughly and look back with fond memories. Time moves forward, you can't hold onto a piece of it forever.
  17. So on my way into NYC today to see The Jesus and Mary Chain I step on the bus and the driver immediately said "Hi," and gave me a lollipop. She was doing it for all her passengers. Very cool.
  18. I'm 45 next month. (1) Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork (Joshua Tree) (2) Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork (ZooTV) (3) Giants Stadium, NJ (PopMart) (4) MetLife Stadium, NJ (360) (5) MSG, NYC (I+E) Going to both MetLife shows next month.
  19. 1987 Bono on the chorus. The 2017 version has a shorter guitar intro and 2017 Bono vocals are less hurried. It seems like he is making an effort to enunciate the words clearly. The brass is alright, would have been better as strings IMO. All in all this is an interesting novelty but it won't replace the rawness of the original.
  20. Nothing but love for you brother. All good points well made. P.S. While flac is compressed I believe it to be lossless. That's why I suggested it as a format, smaller than wav to download.
  21. Have you listened to music on vinyl? If not do yourself a favour and try it if you can. It really is superior to digital no question. Sure there may be some pops here and there but it's a small drawback considering the fuller sound you experience. I'm very excited about this gift. Ideally I'd prefer the downloads to be in FLAC but you can't always get what you want.
  22. Cork 8/8/87. Edge's birthday. No big screens, no script just the best songs around.
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