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  1. It is. I was there for the REM in '95. A pain to get there. But when you're there....
  2. Neither. Your red shoes will take you to Grimsby. 😧
  3. You won't get the pony that you want. Instead you'll probably get four remixed ponies that are nothing like a pony. 🥱
  4. Previously unreleased live material from all eras of U2's career would be my wish. Complete concerts if possible.
  5. That was pretty much covered Here.
  6. Coming home right now Sirius ran the bumper/sting/whatever "Music chosen by U2." Then played "Under My Thumb" by The Rolling Stones. Really? So many songs to pick from and their most outright misogynistic one is selected? That's a head scratcher for sure. Are U2 actually picking these individual tracks for air play?
  7. Back in 2015 I ordered a shirt from the US shop. My card was immediately charged and that was it. A month passed with no development so I emailed the shop to find out where my shirt was. A message came back saying that the design, (despite being new and just added to the shop), was out of stock and on backorder. A refund was offered. At the time I thought that this was very poor service. Absolutely ever other online store I have purchased from informed me immediately if an item was out of stock and delayed. It seems that the situation has gotten much worse since. The attitude seems to be "Take the money and forget them." I'm truly sorry to hear fellow U2 fans having to deal with this nonsense. I hope that you all get your goods asap. A discount coupon or free item would go some way towards restoring positive public relations.
  8. This will be another year where I do not use my subscriber's 25% off coupon. Really not impressed by the overpriced and unimaginative designs. Between you and me there are unofficial products available online that are superior in every way. The mods cannot be praised enough for the work they do. The official U2 online store has been failing fans for a few years now and they have done tremendous work on our behalf.
  9. In light of Bono being awarded for his work for, and in support of, women's rights it's somewhat jarring to turn on the U2 Sirius channel and hear Kendrick Lamar repeat over and over, "Bitch don't kill my vibe."
  10. U2 are known for their focus on perfection and getting everything just right. However I have noticed some flaws getting through in recent live releases. The live concerts on recent deluxe reissues have included lyrical flubs by Bono. For example on "Bullet The Blue Sky" from NYC on JT30 he sings.. "Take the first floor to the first floor." There is something similar on the Boston show on ATYCLB deluxe. Maybe they are relaxing a bit and overlooking imperfections in otherwise solid performances. If so we may eventually see some Apollo 360 footage. Perhaps not the entire show but clips where the music overcomes technical difficulties.
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