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  1. Wow! I was watching him shaking hands on the periscope, wonder if it was you!
  2. Oh how I wish I was there. This is amazing. Seems like the U2 fan club people got in on the floor.
  3. Anyone know what time is the actual show? 8pm? And they are airing it on Sirius XM on Wednesday not live at all today, correct?
  4. I tried as well. It rang a few times, but didn't get through. That was probably the last one, but I'll put the station on here and there the rest of the day, just in case. There was that one random time they played it three times... Congrats to everyone who has won through the various contests!
  5. I can imagine! Well if you end up without a plus one you know a bunch of people that would be more than happy to accompany you. LOL! Seriously though, enjoy!
  6. Congrats! Eileen! That's awesome. Thanks for letting us know of the experience too! I'm sure you're going to have an amazing time!
  7. They just played it again. Was listening through the app. Rang a lot of times, but I didn't get through. Anyone else have any luck?
  8. That's what the rules say but they played it three times yesterday and this was a different version. I dunno. I might listen off and on for the rest of the day.
  9. I was in the car and started calling within the first two notes. Lol. Rangba couple of times and the silence and voice mail. Someone might have answered and hung up the first time but I was in the car with the raido still playing. Ah well.
  10. Ah OK, good point about them having tents at these events...
  11. There are some tickets left so I've been debating it. Not sure why they'd be doing any giveaways there though...
  12. So it seems to me that you actually have to fight to get through, pretty much like the other radio stations, that ring and hang up or ring busy or ring and you get the harried person on the other end shouting a number. The difference with this number though is the long silence and the voice mail saying it is unavailable. So I figure we all stand some kind of chance radio or app. I'm just going to give it a lot of tries before I give up. I've been giving up pretty quickly before today because of the silence and the voice mail. Not gonna lie. I've been thinking of doing the same thing. My local Best Buy doesn't have it in stock though. Same device too.
  13. Were you two using the app or car radio? Did it take a lot of tries? Does it actually ring before they answer? LOL. I wish you guys had one though! So close!
  14. Wow. I wouldn't have expected it to play again. I believe the rules say they only play it twice per day. I have not gotten any other experience other than the one that you describe.
  15. I think it's a slimmer chance on the app but not impossible. Lots of variables, and like someone said, it would take time for people to pull over and call. I actually did some hanging around in my driveway today, so others might be too. But it probably depends on luck and who is calling from where. What I would like to know is if it actually ever rings or does something other than silently hang up on you or kick to that voice mail...
  16. Yeah I was just going to the car to double check and it was towards the end of the song in the car and just starting in the app. Just missed it again!
  17. I've seen people tweeting that they are going, but it isn't clear where they got the tickets. Does anyone know what time the show is on Monday?
  18. The contest runs through June 8th. They play it twice. I've only gotten no ring and a hang up or the Cisco messaging thing. I got in my car this afternoon and it was playing. First half of the song, but missed the beginning. Didn't get through. One minute difference and I could have heard the beginning of the song. There is quite a bit of delay on the app and online vs the car. It varies but I think it's at least two minute a lot of the time. Sigh... I wish everyone posting in this thread could go.
  19. If anyone needs a plus one: I'm off that day and can be there in less than an hour. LOL
  20. Congrats to anyone who was selected from the U2 subscribers. I wasn't one of them. Ah well. They just played the song on Sirius XM and I tried calling but no luck. Wouldn't connect and then it said the line wasn't available so I figured they got their winner already. Seems like they play it twice a day...
  21. That's what I thought but paranoia started to set in. LOL. But yeah, I haven't heard it. I was hoping that since they recently played the message then it might be sometime tonight... I'd love to go. I'm in NYC just a train ride away.
  22. I heard the clip where it tells you when to call and what number to call about 45 minutes ago. I hope that wasn't the actual cue to call because I missed it then.
  23. It's too funny. I came here to ask if anyone had gotten an email and it arrived just as I was reading this thread.
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