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  1. Anyone buy GA for Buffalo? Trying to find out if its credit card entry? paperless tickets? Or is it an option to get tickets mailed? IThe kids cant line up for concert until later in the day so we all wont be going in at same time... Not sure how to handle the transaction for tomorrow's presale?
  2. so how much were redzone tickets? did they have to be purchased with vip package ?
  3. Thanks... Sounds exactly like Toronto last tour.. The checkins really make it a lot better.. Especially if younger kids are with... Thanks to the checkins and not being stuck all day in line my daughter and I roamed around and she got Bono's autograph before he entered arena.... Sure do prefer arenas over stadiums but still a guaranteed amazing time nonetheless . .Enjoy!
  4. What was the process for lining up.. As in.. was there a list run by fans? When did you line up? ... 49-58 is great.. That low i would guess you will get on rail somewhere... Im just planning ahead for Cleveland, going there the day before because my daughters are kinda short..
  5. regarding Buffalo, I thought I heard that Credit card entry in NY is not allowed or illegal? Does that mean if I can somehow get GA tickets, Ill be sent actual hard tickets?
  6. I used my code for 4 GA tix for Cleveland for me and family. Since there are no new codes for this new leg..are these my only options to try and get 3 GA's here in Buffalo.... Can I sign daughter up for a new u2.com account and ticketmaster account using my credit card and use that credit card for the tickets? Will that work or will it not b allowed since the CC is in my name and same address as my u2.com and ticketmaster account? We had no problem getting GA's for Cleveland during presale.. Is there any chance of getting GA's during the public sale? Im guessing they will be
  7. Well... local radio station said they are having major concert announcement tomorrow here in Buffalo...says its a band that should be on your bucket list to see. been there and done that 15 times over...I just upgraded my expired account just in case ... This time around Ill need a total of 3 floor tickets cause both daughters want to go again. I hope I sub cant get 4 tix. Of course the big announcement here in Buffalo tomorrow will probably be Journey...uggg... lol
  8. I'm curious.. I thought all GA's are CC ticketless entry for Boston...or are there actual hard tickets that don't require CC?
  9. thanks for help.. still no luck .. no response from first guy and second one looks like they will be gone but if it falls through, he is going to text me in an hour.. fingers crossed
  10. still hoping for a ticket drop..I think I'll need a new cell phone screen..wearing it out. last appeal to anyone that has at least one extra GA for Saturday so my daughter can get in. We would be able to meet in line as early as you want on Saturday. Message me please!!!
  11. Just bumping and hoping someone has at least 1 GA. I'd definitely take it and gamble on grabbing another from someone else..
  12. I know this is a huge longshot but I promised daughter I'd try, so here goes... We are looking for 2 GA's @ face value for this Saturday in Boston. I ended getting presale GA tickets for Toronto which was part of my daughters 16th Bday present. She was so looking forward to this concert but found out 3 weeks ago that her Catholic School kids camp she volunteers at was this entire week. I am very proud of her that she put stuck with her commitment of volunteering for the kids despite really wanting to go to see u2.....soooo... She gave up her ticket to her 11yr old sister. We went and
  13. Thanks for all the info.. .. We are probably going to try and get close to the b stage but we'll probably pull back like you suggested. She.. Along with everyone else wants to get pulled up onstage and is bringing a folded up sign to try and get Bono s attention... If you see a Jenna onstage, Tuesday, that her.. This is probably my 10th time seeing them dating back to Joshua Tree but first time on floor.. Should be interesting
  14. Hi, Im taking my 11 year old daughter to Tuesdays show...her first U2 Concert. We are diving up from Buffalo early Monday morning and staying overnight at the hotel at Rogers Monday night. A few questions... 1: Cheapest overnight parking preferably between Rogers and Air Canada Centre or something with walking distance? 2: Best time on Monday to have a chance seeing the band show up at arena for autographs? 3: We have GA tickets. Any idea how the line will work on Tuesday? Will there be a list with roll calls/ wrist bands/numbers throughout the day Tuesday or do you have to just
  15. Must be a real popular band or sumptin
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