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    Cambridge, MA
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    nurturing consciousness, creating and sharing meals with friends and family, dancing all over the place, yoga, meditation, all sorts of music, spontaneous journeying, tennis, theatre, film, and swimming in almost any body of water, but especially an ocean or sea
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    The Unforgettable Fire
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    20 April 1985: Hartford Civic Center
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    11 October 2017 > Estadio Único
  • Best U2 Gig
    30 December 1989: Point Depot
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    the Blue Nile, Wilco, Martin Finke, Uncle Tupelo, American Music Club, the fat lady sings, the Waterboys, Shaman's Dream, Stone Roses, Gillian Welch, Kateil Keineg, Catherine Wheel . . .

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About Me

If the sea is within smelling distance and I'm in my bikini, you'll feel the delight as it rolls off me.


You'll likely discover me pitching in on a Habitat build, planning a Dublin weekend with my far-flung friends, or hitting up one of my favorite Cape Cod National Seashore beaches for an early, early morning swim and late in the day basking in an extremely long, outdoor shower (rivulets of pure contentment). It's also possible to find me exploring Route 66 all the way to Santa Monica with a pal, hunting down the best aperitivo spot in Turino, or . . .

I'm the gal found climbing over the fence to skinny dip (blowing kisses to the moon and stars), crashing the fab looking reception of diplomats, and asking the bartender for heaps of ice for my cooler stashed with the bluefish the fisherman just gave me.

My footprints can be found where goddess warriors and seekers tread as well as at most live theatres around town and many beyond.

The simple one dress, one bathing suit packing those chicks elegantly pull off in “L’Avventura” inspires me in several parts of my life.

If I’m recognizing, and living by, the Divinity within me, I’m on the one spiritual path I wanna travel.

Knowing it's the journey that's of most importance is important to me.

always on the hunt for the best fish taco in town

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