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  1. I’m in the LX Factory district right now. I just sent you a private message. * Erika
  2. I agree that no choice for an electronic ticket is insane. Maybe the €45 was so they could print our names on the ticket. ??? I got my ticket even though I did not read and respond to the email asking me to verify my address in time. My ticket is for the first night. So, if anyone has a GA ticket to sell for the second night (17 September), private message me, please. ??? * Erika
  3. If anyone has a GA for the first Boston night of the 21st, please shoot me a private message. And I’ll give you my mobile. * Erika
  4. I was assuming mganiel would use the Ticketmaster account of the friend with the Citi card, attached to it, have the tickets mailed to that friend, and then the friend mail them to mgraniel. This is because I do not think mgraniel could not set up a Ticketmaster account with their own address and the friend’s credit card. That might get flagged.
  5. I think that even in the Citi-presale you can choose any ticket format you want, so you could choose hard tickets to be mailed to your friend.
  6. Curt is correct; they are not seats. It is just the way the venue keeps track of the GA seats.
  7. Max, when I go to send a private message to another fan I get a pop up window that says I am allowed to send "0" messages a day.  Do you know why that is?  I obviously can send to you.  I figure that I would not get that message if the fan was not set to receive private messages, for it would tell me that instead.

  8. I was going for Boston at the start of the sale yesterday and today I am on again. And there were no GAs at all.
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