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  1. Have you tried the mobile app? Also changing your price filter?
  2. Works for me ok. Just pulled up RZ and behind the stage seats. My code starts with "Yk...."
  3. No, you had to have the TM-verified setup complete by 7pm PST tonight to be eligible for the U2.com presale. If they are logged in to their U2.com profile page they probably see the same wording I am: "Registration is now open for: San Jose #2 (May 8) and Los Angeles #2 (May 16) . Registration ends Sunday Dec. 3, 10pm ET/7pm PT."
  4. What? You should have contacted them years ago. For the latest gift (JT tour singles vinyl I believe), they're supposed to start shipping any day now. MIght want to contact them and see if they can help you out.
  5. I purchased tickets from AXS for both Vegas shows. The CD's are going to arrive Monday, and I just got this email for download access, which IIRC looked just like the email I got previously to redeem for the CD's. As with the CD's, it's all being fulfilled by OneLiveMedia. I wonder if the email addresses for Ticketmaster/AXS have to be the same for U2.com to pass along the info for fulfillment? Here is a screenshot of the email. *Edit - just realized the codes they sent allow the CD or download option, but since I've already got the CD's on the way it probably wouldn't be wise to have th
  6. I didn't know a download was also on the offer too. Anyways, I can't find the initial email with the redeem link. but the shipping email shows they're being fulfilled by One Live Media.
  7. I bought all my tickets through AXS and still got the email(s) to redeem for the CD's.
  8. To manipulate demand. The average buyer (wrongly) assumes that whatever inventory they can see is everything that's available, so they often panic and buy. That's how they sell many of the $350 seats. They'll be reducing many of them eventually, and there will be outrage.
  9. Yes. Just do it. Who knows when they will be back?
  10. I think the vast majority of U2 fans(myself included) wouldn't bother. It's beyond ridiculous - they might as well just put every seat in every stadium up for auction and get it over with.
  11. I got shipping confirmation with tracking yesterday. Subject line in the email = "A shipment from order xxxxxxx is on the way". They're being shipped by DHL Global Mail and then handed off to the USPS.
  12. The code I got today is the same as round one, so I think the limit is still 4.
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