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  1. It’s about a 2 hr show, so depends on what time they actually start. I have the same dilemma. I didn’t drive , thinking that metro runs until midnight and now it seems like we won’t make the metro. Next option is bus, if it’s safe that late to head towards Georgetown. Hate to spend mucho bucks on Uber.
  2. Thanks Sped! I didn’t realize the metro closed at 11 on Sun! Darn! So options are bus or pricey uber. Am going to Georgetown. Any suggestions? I don’t have a car. Thanks again!
  3. GA line - any info on where the GA line is forming? I know that the venue itself is not allowing line up until 9am.
  4. Any info on where you can park if you are coming early for GA?
  5. When does the Siriusxm giveaway end? Today? What’s the call in number for the contest?
  6. Wonder if the Terms and Conditions has a typo or what? It says that the drawing is on 6/2. Even though it’s open until 6/3?
  7. Is it safe to take the Metro after the show, towards M St NW?
  8. Little Things That Give You Away - Is it just me that likes the live version better than the album version? Album version - background music seems distracting. Thought that the live version was more powerful with Edge's guitar starting later in the song. Hope they release the live version soon!
  9. Wow. Pricing for seats seemed really high. $325 + fees for 300s and $175+fees for 400s. Anyone see any good seats in DC for decent/reasonable pricing?
  10. Received code a few mins ago. Question: I have to use the link they sent or can I use TM mobile app and just type in the code?
  11. Maybe they’ll go out evening pacific time. We can only hope.
  12. And I verified that my email is still correct in my profile. Checked my spam folder as well. Getting worried about actually receiving presale code. Mods: if we don't get an SMS message the morning of the presale, any idea on what we are supposed to do?
  13. I too did not receive any emails about the album announcement and tour. Always did before.
  14. Replying to JENMUSICs question. For renewing your subscription: go to the News section and you’ll see an article on 2018 Subscriptions. There’s a link in there to renew. BTW, once I renewed, I logged out and logged back in. That’s when My Account info page was refreshed with my new subscription end date.
  15. Well folks - I went ahead and renewed anyway. Good luck to us all - not very confident TM will get this all right with SMS texts the night before the presale!
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