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  1. Hey awesome! See you there. Well, not exactly...my red zone date is for the Friday show and Saturday I have seated tix by the E stage but this should be a great weekend. Thanks for your reply. I got the same email finally.
  2. Cool. Thanks for your reply. I do want to get there in time for the backstage tour draw but other than that I'm not too worried about needing to be right up against the stage. It seems like a laid back section(s) with only 50 people in each side.
  3. Usually between 4 and 5pm for a 7:30 concert start time. I've hung out with Adam after soundcheck in Albany, NY afterwards and he was so nice. As a general guide, four hours before they hit the stage they do soundcheck, eat dinner, and do their pre show rituals which likely include naps and then warm up in the dressing room.
  4. Hey there. Obviously, its far too soon for emails to be sent about check in times/location for the Red zone ticket holders but I was wondering if anyone knows what time it will be or for those who have done it in the past, how many hours before the show. I'm wondering because my hotel check in time is 4pm and I figure it will take at least an hour to make it to the arena after that. Unlikely, any hotels near the venue will offer early check in since it's next the the Phoenix venue and will likely be sold out from the night before. Thanks!
  5. I don't get it? Code locked? Meaning, you got screwed out of using your code or you never had one to begin with? If you didn't get to use your code then you have a beef but otherwise I'm not sure what you mean. GA's are all gone for all shows at this point that I can see.
  6. No, it's the main stage. The San Jose seating chart is erroneous.
  7. Umm...you mean Edge or "ADAM". Larry is the drummer.
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