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  1. It was great. Seven would be even better! Any views on what they should add?
  2. Last time I saw U2 at the O2 in 2015 the GA area was not too crowded compared to many other venues I have seen them at. So unless you want to be very near the rail I don’t think you need to queue very early.
  3. You should get an email with instructions about a week before the event. You will pick up the tickets at the venue. This is how it worked for Amsterdam. Enjoy!
  4. Stay Miracle Drug All I Want is You Acrobat Zoo Station The Fly Every Breaking Wave
  5. Won 2 super fan tickets today. Not sure how many there are or what it actually means. Have a London postcode as well but not sure if that makes any difference. When I got the email I thought being a dedicated fan actually pays off finally but judging by the posts it seems I was just pretty lucky. Sorry to those who lost out - look forward to next year's tour. The new songs sound great. ☘️☘️☘️
  6. London GA was the best GA I have been to so far - well organised and not too crowded, Dublin and Rome were both much more crowded. Not sure what Amsterdam will be like. Doing GA one night and RZ the other in Amsterdam.
  7. Do you still want to swap 2 x pitch 1 for dublin for 1 x pitch 2??? I think I can help. Email me at vinnymulveyfitness@gmail.com  if interested. Thanks

  8. Hi Paulo,

    Im outside Twickenham now, do you still have the ticket available ? 

    1. paulobrennan


      Just gone. Have one available for tomorrow though if you are interested?

    2. carlhancox


      No thank you. 

    3. carlhancox


      No thank you. 

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