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  1. Hi, 1GA BERLIN venue collection, 70 euro, I have to collect both two later today, so can hand over directly before the show. Thanks and regards, Vera
  2. Hi guys, hurry up there are some GA available on ticketmaster for today Dublin 2, I've just bought one, cant beleave! Good luck !!
  3. Hi guys, still did not find but am hoping for a miracle.. one GA ticket for tonight? Pleaaase
  4. Hi, would you also swap one seated or it should be like one seat next to another? Thanks
  5. Hi, bigwave, confirmed means not being sold right now but will be? thanks..
  6. ..and I'm ready to queue as early as you like
  7. Ok, thanks for your reply, I'm still hoping to find one GA. But wish you good luck in selling the tickets, I'm sure you will manage it
  8. Hi, if your offer is still valid, what kind of tickets are they? In case of GA tickets, are you in Dublin?
  9. Hi there, I'm hoping to find one GA ticket for Dublin 2, if you may have one, please let me know, all the gratitude and a pint for you thanks, Vera
  10. Hello, just in case it will not work with Paris guys.. I'm looking for one GA ticket for 23rd or 24th, I cancelled my trip to Paris (but before it has been posponed) and booked a flight to Dublin, so please if you will have one spare GA let me know... but of course adge80 comes first ) thanks!
  11. haven't given up yet.. ) still hoping to find one spare GA ticket for night 1 or 2 in Dublin. Would be a too long trip just to have few pints of Irish Red ! appreciate any help
  12. Thanks everyone for your interest, the tickets are now sold. I wish all of you good luck in finding an option to be there! Do not give up ) Btw, if anybody have heard about a spare ticket for Dublin 1 or 2, please let me know.. Thanks and for those who will manage it- enjoy the show!
  13. Hi there, now with the booked flight to Dublin! - anyone may have one spare ticket to Dublin 1 and/or 2? GA or may be seated.. please! Cheers, Vera
  14. Hi there, I have two tickets GA Paris night 4, 15/11. Unfortunately I cannot attend. TM France confirmed that the paperless tickets can be used with the copy of my credit card and my authority for the buyer to use them. Please PM for details if you're interested. Thanks, Vera
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