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  1. Update to below, managed to secure two additional tickets, but we may still have one Gold VIP ticket available 

    Will confirm later today and if anybody interested please pm



    long time fan since the early days (see earlier posts), have seen many many shows and every tour since the very early days,

    Travelling to Amsterdam this weekend, and the situation is that we have seated GOLD VIP tickets together with friends but now another friend is joining us so what we are looking to do is to do a partial trade for tickets and cash

    Preferably looking for 2 good seats together in a lower block, and will pay the difference in price if any

    The Gold VIP ticket cost e320 inc the TM booking fee.

    If anybody out there is interested please PM me asap

    many thanks

  2. To sum up, I've got the compelte runaround from TM and the promoter. Tm keep telling me that the promoter has denied the request for an alternaitve pick up as i had arrnaged for a friend who lives there to go to the show as he is really keep to do so,

    I know the band outsource the running of these thigns and so can claim to distance themselves from it all, but I'm so frustrated about the whole fiasco that they are close to loosing a fan of the band since I first saw them in the late 70s (yes, before that 1st single)....
    working long hours and living in Europe I don't have time to keep phoning or mailing the US about this so I think I'm just going to say feck them, go to the one show in the US that I can make it to as I'll be there anyway and then get rid of the tix I have for the European shows (at least they are hard copy and my sister will take them before anybody asks!).

    Goodbye u2 to glorious 35+ years, and 90+ shows, it was nice while it lasted
    Mr Frustration

  3. Hi all

    Long time U2 fan travelling from Europe. Had originally intended going to San Jose and then on to LA but due to work schedules I now need to be back home before 26th

    I bought 2 Red Zone VIP tix for $700 total for LA which I would obvioulsy not like to see going to waste. I have friends elsehwere in CA who may be able to use them, and if they can't I would like to sell them on as I obvioulsy dont want to see them go to waste ,,,,,,but I'm concerned that it says on the TM website that I can't Transfer or Sell them as it states that the Sell or Transfer option is not available and that the tickets are being held at the venue's box office where photo ID and the credit card used for purchase must be presented to collect them :(

    Now in the past I've been able to arrange for others to collect tix where I've given them copies of the CC & ID but I'd be concerend about doing this as I don't want people travelling all the way to the show in the event that this didn't work out.


    Does anybody know if TM have agreed to allow Transfers or Sell Ons in such circumstances?


    If not would they allow me to swap for Phoenix Friday show in the event I found somebody willing to swap?


    ps - I also bought event insurance for some reason as I've never done that before, would such insurance kick in if I'm unable to attend?


    Many thanks in anticipation :)



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