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  1. I'm opened minded with all bands, and i'm always interested to hear new music.   This year i watched Tama Impala support the Arctic Monkeys and they blew me away.  Great to see new themes, that connect with the mood of the crowd and U2.


    Basically i don't want to see luke warm, piss poor acts with half a tune.


    Anyone remember Fatima Mansions from 1992 Zoo Tv Tour?





    Noel Gallagher would work well in the USA.   Here in the UK Noel sell's out arena's, but only theatres in the USA.  Both Noel and U2 are good friends.  Oasis once supported U2 in San Francisco on the PopMart Tour 1997.  


    In the UK i think The Charlatans would work.  They have a new album coming soon.  So would Primal Scream.  Primal Scream in Glasgow would be mega cool.

    Always up for the Charlatans  :) Hoping they do Glastonbury next year as well




    Respect to you dude!!

  3. What consideration is given to tickets bought as a gift, where the credit card holder is not intending to go ?


    For instance, parents buy their teenagers a pair of tickets to attend ?????


    Credit card and ID issues are going to cause so many problems for genuine fans, where tickets have been bought and passed on honestly and fairly.



    I second that!



  4. Got this eMail off AXS today after send two last week, this is a load of *****, it's pathetic that they won't sort it out or even consider doing anything about it! 



    My email:

    Hi there,

    i’ve just been informed by my family that they have bought U2 tickets for me for U2’s next tour, they will be not be attending the concert, but i will be seeing them on the 30th October 2015 at the O2 Arena with a friend and we will bough be standing therefore the ticketless option comes in to play, but i’ve just been informed and found out that the person who bought the tickets must attend and prove that the tickets were bought by them by providing valid ID? Seeing that the tickets weren’t purchased by myself but buy my mother instead (who won’t be able to come down for the concert) will i still be able to gain entry to the concert if i bring her credit card, the emails that prove sale and my own ID to prove that i am her son? Hopefully i’ve got this wrong and everything will be fine, but as you can understand this is a big worry for me.

    Thanks in advance

    Henry Floyd





    There response:


    Hi there,

    Thank you for your email.

    When your mother made your purchase, a statement would have appeared stating that the credit card holder MUST be present to can gain entry to the venue along with the other members of their party, the booked could only take place if these terms was agreed to. Therefore you will not be able to gain entry without your mother even if she gave you the card as it is not going to match with your photo ID.

    Kind Regards,





    I suggest sending an email to venue requesting to speak to their Events Manager.  Start communications and maybe someone on the inside can make a decision.


    I understand U2 moderators on here are working hard behind the scenes on this.


    Hang in there mate.

  5. I've just emailed the Glasgow Hydro requesting to speak with the Events Manager.  Hopefully talking to a human who has authority could be beneficial.  I will report back of my findings.


    In the meantime 'a massive thank you' for the U2 moderators on here who are sorting this issue out behind the scenes.  Not just for me, but for all other U2 fans struggling with this crap from Ticketmaster.  We are all in it together, and we will win.  


    Cheers Mod's

  6. Same corporate crap i receive.   Like i said in my original post, my wife bought my tickets as a Christmas present for me.  My wife will not be attending.


    Yes i  know there were plenty of T&C's i could of read prior to purchase.  But i chose not to.  I didn't expect to of come across such awful conditions.  I mean if i was booking a holiday to the Lebanon then i would read the T&C's before i booked a flight.  If i choose to go back packing in Iraq i would of course do research before i made my purchase to travel.


    I subscribed and paid my $50

    My wife booked a U2 ticket.

    Didn't read the conditions.


    All we want to do is watch U2.


    Lady With The Spinning Head


    b-side to The Fly 



    I bought The Fly on 12" vinyl back in 1991.   


    I thought 'Alex decends into hell with a bottle of milk' was the b-side for  'The fLY'?


    I think my fav. B-side is 'Lady With The Spinning Head' or 'Salome'




    Oh ok?  Maybe i got it wrong?   Maybe it's from Even Better Than The Real Thing?  I don't know.   Cheers





  8. Which city do you think deserves to be chosen for filming the next live dvd?  North America always get's a shout.   Personally i would live to see a UK venue for a change.  London O2 is an impressive arena and would look great on the big screen.


    Although, should U2 want to release a dvd for next Christmas, then it will probably come from one of the North American shows.  The European leg is in the fall/autumn and probably doesn't allow enough time to master a live release.





  9. Oasis did a few 'free' shows prior to an album released.  Fans were selected at random via an email competition.  The winners had to bring a copy of the email and photo I.D to the show.  Wristbands only.


    The Stone Roses did something similar two years ago in Warrington.


    In 2006 Noel Gallagher played a series of 'free' acoustic concerts around the world.  The winners were selected at random from the official Oasis site, during a competition.


    The problem U2 will experience is they have too many fans in every country in the world.  I suppose they could look at this forum and see which current live members have been here the longest?  But it will probably cause more trouble than it's worth, as there will be fans from the late 1970's early 80's who would argue they deserve first rights to a free concert.

  10. I'm not that keen on this new U2 album.  I find a lot of the songs very weak and dull.   The song Volcano is for me the most awful song U2 have recorded.  When Bono is sining the word Volcano he seems out of sync.  California is again just weak. The performances of these songs on BBC Jools Holland proved my point.  The last two songs on this album are weak also.  Nothing there. The album just fades out with two bland songs.  It's almost like a jam, a session demo. 


    For the largest band in the world, who are set in stone alongside the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and Pink Floyd, i find this album weak in comparison to other great artists.  I also didn't care for No Line on the Horizon.   Since How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 10 years ago, U2 have gone an produced two average albums in the last 10 years. 


    The artwork does not appeal to me either.  Larry holding is son? I would of preferred a rock photo of the whole band in black & white.  


    As a plus point i like these songs.....


    Miracle (of Joey Ramone)

    Every Breaking Wave


    Song For Someone


    To say this is the best U2 album, better than Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, Unforgetable Fire, War, Zooropa, All That You Can't Leave Behind, is really a step too far.

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