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  1. So that's it, all contests over? Any other ideas on scoring tickets to this gig? Even just a single?
  2. Now that we're past the presales in every market except Boston and NYC, would someone mind sharing an unused code with me so I can try to get tickets in Boston? Would probably be best to message me, not reply. TY.
  3. I have nothing to add, I just liked the title of this thread and wanted to see it move up.
  4. I was shutout of the Citi presale- officially “waitlisted” but never got a code. Now I’ve been waitlisted for the general onsale too. I’d love to understand if this is really by chance, or if this is the Ticketmaster Verified Fan program “letting me down easy” because my purchase history looks fishy. (I went to 5 shows on the JT tour.) So difficult to understand what’s happening. Should I sit tight on the waitlist, or are there other actions I should be taking to clear my name? I’m not a scalper!
  5. If I have RZ1 and my wife has RZ2, will we be able to be together for the show? What does the venue do to identify which zone you have access to - are there different colored wristbands for RZ1 vs RZ2? I would think if you have a Red Zone wristband, you could float to either Red Zone area. I guess this question is directed to those who had Red Zone during the U2i&e tour - do you recall how was it handled then?
  6. Once again, the innocent can learn from the experienced... don't get your hopes up.
  7. It's coming right after you get your 4 records.
  8. For those who have purchased tickets this morning, can any of you debunk my theory that I've automatically blacklisted by the Ticketmaster Verified Fan algorithm? Did anyone who received a code this morning purchase tickets to multiple dates in multiple cities during the last 2 tour(s).
  9. Here's a theory (I'm still optimistic)... since codes are sent by SMS, maybe codes will be continue to be distributed throughout the day in waves to Experienced members who have been shut-out so far? Keep your mobiles charged!
  10. Yeah, but you get 4 records. And download links for new songs so you don't have to listen to them on youtube for free. And access to subscriber only message boards. And a cool U2.com user name identity. Quit your whining.
  11. I have no proof to back this up, but my thought is that this is NOT a lottery system. I believe Ticketmaster Verified Fan program is hyper-sensitive and automatically shut-out some accounts that looked suspicious. I bought tickets to U2i&e and JT30 for several cities and I believe the Verified Fan algorithm looked at my purchase history and red-flagged me as suspicious. Pretty bogus as most of my tickets were credit card entry GA. How could I scalp a ticket when I need my own credit card at multiple venues? The cold reality is I expect my Ticketmaster account to be shut-out of the gen
  12. Has anyone who got the 'Not Eligible' email had a positive response with either a moderator or with Ticketmaster Customer Service where their problem was resolved and they now have a code?
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