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  1. Just got email to say my order has shipped. Got no reply to the initial enquiry.
  2. Yeah,tried ordering some items and order timed out and now my 25% subscription code is gone also.
  3. Got a ticket for a band in Frankfurt last October through even time and postage to Ireland cost more than the gig ticket,no print optionb or box office collection.
  4. Yes we got a presale code but i think they are from the UK pool of codes
  5. What were the rumoured Irish dates on the leaked Facebook post.would book hotel with free cancellation as they'll shoot up when announced
  6. Received my vinyl yesterday,very bad service.
  7. Still no sign of my vinyl,lucky I picked up deluxe CD locally.
  8. Enjoy it,the competition for the deluxe would be nice to win.yeah the thought of getting home at 1:30 and gettin up at 6:00 am to head to work doesn't appeal.Fair dues to Ray and the gang for making the effort though.Might get a rush of blood yet and buy a deluxe version.
  9. Would have liked to go to this but it's a 60mile roundtrip and have album pre-ordered online to get the presale code.did get the Blackout single saturday morning though.
  10. Doesn't look likely,he is supposed to be down the country playing himself.
  11. Hi,can somebody please post prices of merchandise at the gigs in europe,are they the same as in the webstore. Has there been any city event shirts on this tour?
  12. Pitch 2,can't wait for this,wasn't let go to the Cork show 30 years ago.
  13. Standing ticket for Saturday is gone.
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